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By , April 16, 2018 10:35 pm

Zong Ning: open link + ecosystem is the automobile electricity supplier in the future – Sohu in the tide of the Internet technology, industry and trade, industry and users, users and users of the independence gradually blurred, on the "ecosystem" discussion derived from unusually hot, so hit the "eco car business platform" brand is not in the minority. For example, the car home in eleven during the double, claiming to build the car "ecosystem", trying to break the single car into the bottleneck, insurance and financial business; BITAUTO also said that consumers to choose in the car before buying a car, buy a car when the car after car finance service, a one-stop service to get through…… Ecological circle is the trend of the times. How to open cross-border integration advantages of resources, users will maximize the value, build a more bright future of electric cars, the ecosystem is perhaps the most ideal leveraging point. Ecosystem to create new user value in the Internet era, the user is everything. Look at the moment, the Internet market competition and game, is inevitably to let users who can use Shuxin, bring more convenience to users, to meet their diverse needs, even as they create more valuable services. With the Internet penetration of all walks of life, "the user supreme value" will become the development of brand and industry law, all to the customer value as the center is the future. However, the user’s needs are often continuous, diversity, easy to change, in the established business model, to achieve and even create new user value is not easy. To buy a car, for example, users are doing under the decision to buy a car at the moment, just before there are many aspects of car, car, inquiry, bargaining, put the car in the process also includes the necessary financial and insurance, logistics and other services in the license plate, the car and the car and other related links the service is more complicated. At present, the traditional electronic business platform has a very strong business ability, including the flow of acquisition and operation ability, but only open part of the automobile industry chain, does not have the ability to cross industry chain reconstruction; automobile manufacturers have a natural advantage through the automobile industry chain, the ability to open up the vertical industry chain is very strong, but the very lack of ability in the electricity supplier and cross industry chain reconstruction; such as automotive media, although have traffic advantages, but lack in the car and customer service service resources source. It can be said that the automobile electricity supplier participants ability at the present stage which is not complete, which leads to easy car, car, car, grace Ali car home, a node can only focus on the automobile industry chain, single service experience leads to lack of user value. In this case, all car platform can both ecological capacity, vertical electric vehicle industry chain through ability, cross industry chain reconstruction ability." According to a senior official who declined to be named, said. In his statement, the establishment of automobile ecosystem, not only can let developers, manufacturers, service providers, entrepreneurs and capital are connected to each other, and through the cross industry chain resources re allocation, industrial restructuring, can let the parties involved in the hands of big business cake at the same time, their own share a cup of soup. But more important is that.相关的主题文章:

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