Zihan Chen announces the Spanish wedding in December 9th-ca1810

By , April 15, 2018 12:19 pm

Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu announced the December 9th Spanish wedding Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen sexy love Sina entertainment news the evening of November 9th, Zihan Chen and Dai Xiangyu loving husband [micro-blog] to attend the "COSMO fashion beauty pageant, Dai Xiangyu announced that the wedding will be held in Barcelona in Spain in December 9th. Dai Xiangyu said to give his wife Zihan Chen a warm and holy wedding! Zihan Chen said that the way the wedding with a lot of TV drama before is not the same, is their own wedding. That night, wearing a hair micro-blog confession: there is a family, you have me, love, courage, there is no future! Marry you to let the world know that 12.9 Spanish Barcelona, our wedding." Zihan Chen sweet response: "love makes the long flight more courage [heart]12.9 look forward to this you gave me the most holy wedding." Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu in May this year, the licensing of marriage. Dai Xiangyu was originally named Dai Yangtian, who participated in the 2007 refueling! Good man ", including" works together "because only single" White 2 "campus belle. Zihan Chen is 6 years older than wearing Xiangyu, starred in "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", "The legend of Condor Hero" "White Snake" drama. (commissioning editor: shining)相关的主题文章:

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