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By , April 16, 2018 10:23 pm

Zhu Guang: financial technology company Phoenix Technology News September 1st news of Baidu finance to do the real meaning, in the 2016 Baidu world financial forum, Baidu senior vice president Zhu Guang said: "Baidu finance to do the real significance of the financial technology company." He stressed that the scene is not the core competitiveness of Baidu finance, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other industries is the best technology. "De leveraging traditional financial industry technology, improve the efficiency of the financial industry, services for more users, the Baidu deep research and gene culture mechanism fully implanted Baidu finance, is our next three to five years to do." Technology, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence is the core of the advantages. Technology for financial services, is the opportunity. Zhu Guang said. In addition, Baidu today also signed a cooperation agreement with the U.S. credit giant FICO, the two sides will cooperate in the field of risk control, intelligent scoring, big data applications, financial scene construction and other fields. On the other hand, Baidu finance and e fund, Shenwan Hong securities signed an agreement to jointly explore the advanced applications of big data and artificial intelligence technology in the field of investment. Zhu Guang, senior vice president of Baidu in the 2016 Baidu World Financial Forum on science and technology to give a lecture on the following is Zhu Guang’s speech on the spot: Zhu Guang: Ladies and gentlemen, media friends, hello everyone! Baidu financial establishment to today about more than half the time, actually very little to share with you what we’re doing today, the use of such an opportunity to talk to in the first half of this year, what we do business in some things to explore — Baidu finance should be able to build our core strengths, to Finance with other Internet is different, this is the first half of this year has been exploring the road. Traditional industries to finance, many industries have its advantages, called the combination of industry and finance. For example, GE can produce aircraft engines, medical equipment can do, you can do aircraft leasing, medical equipment can also do financial leasing. There are some companies, there are accounts payable or receivable link, have their own patterns of consumption, consumption can do in the scene on the stage, so many companies are doing the combination. When it comes to Baidu’s financial business, we can think of the first is that we have a rich flow, every day looking for good investment opportunities and financial opportunities in Baidu users very much, also a lot of money, a lot of people loans in the Baidu search, find a variety of staging services to solve financial problems, this will give Baidu financial the formation of certain advantages. At the same time, Baidu also has some similar to the financial accounts receivable, such as advertising loans, we have millions of advertisers, can give him some financial services. We also have some accounts payable, such as union loans, we have tens of thousands of coalition partners, get traffic from, cooperation. These businesses are carried out, such as Baidu Nuomi and takeaway businesses, these are very good asset side. Baidu finance to explore these paths, and now found very effective? Is that we and customers together constitute some of the scenes, has become a unique advantage. For example, vocational education, in the field of vocational education, many of China’s vocational education institutions, sixty or seventy per cent of the source,!相关的主题文章:

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