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By , November 15, 2017 1:39 pm

According to the Zhoushan municipal government information public network news, in September 19th, Zhoushan children’s Park project preliminary design review will be held in the new town of Haicheng building. City Management Committee, city construction and Management Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, City Land Bureau, city housing construction (Planning) bureau, City Civil Air Defense Office, city fire brigade and other relevant departments, the construction unit Haicheng Construction Co. Ltd., design units – Shanghai City Construction Engineering Design Institute Co. Ltd., and invited 5 experts attended the meeting. The meeting heard the construction units to carry out preparatory work for the project background, introduction, listened to the introduction and description of the preliminary design scheme of the design units, delegates and experts to conduct a review to speak, and refer to the design drawings and documents, after discussion, the formation of expert group opinions in principle to the preliminary design. Earlier media reports said that children’s Park will start this year. Location: advocate mountain south of Zhoushan children’s park location close to the south side of Hong Kong Island Road, West Park Avenue, is one of the most important things to the northern town city trunk road. The six major themes of three dream park will be in accordance with the ethnic children’s preferences and Zhoushan ocean island characteristics, divided into 6 theme plates, respectively "dream bazaar" "dream entrance" "blue city" "Green Valley", "magic of Oz" and "mission set sail". Children’s Park will also be based on the function of recreation planning function zoning. Includes 7 main function zoning, respectively in swimming area and no power equipment area, ecological square and the South East Plaza area, recreation area, recreation area and dynamic waterfront leisure zone.相关的主题文章:

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