Zhengzhou’s most cost-effective Hubei dishes webquest

By , November 20, 2017 5:22 pm

Zhengzhou, the highest price of the Hubei food is not always on Hubei food does not taste like Sichuan resistance, so vigorous stimulation, compared with the northern cuisine and exquisite ingenuity, with common taste requirements of North and south. In Zhengzhou, Hubei cuisine as Kawana Dateko found a blossom everywhere, taste authentic, cost-effective restaurant is not easy. Agricultural road this restaurant in Hubei, in the beginning of the cold weather last November opened. The boss is a woman man in my eyes, spent ten years in institutions, on the start business, from the beginning of last year to start a catering business, originally from the original cold mechanical engineering industry first transferred to the trivial smoke filled anger catering industry, is not used, but is the "female man" style has always been more powerful, complete homework, studying dishes, constantly adjust dishes, take out the project opened a restaurant in Hubei strict in demands. The food here is dominated by the authentic cuisine of Wuhan, Huangpi’s most famous seafood, Yuba, Steamed Wuchang Fish, hot and sour lotus, here can find. Every night to limit Wuchang fish do not eat, not hot food at Huangpi seafood, the boss said, this dish looks relatively slow, not very attractive, but the fish and fish balls are made, the store of their own, but also the integration of soup chicken soup, pork ribs soup boil for a long time, very delicious and nutritious. Although not a hot dish, but the store has always insisted on the product, once eaten, there will be a repeat. Pick up the fish entrance, it is flexible and chewy, taste, taste quality of finished seckill balls. If you have a new store, do not know how to order, pointing to the sign is absolutely wrong, very curious from this dish, without any skin shadow, with thin skin wrapped in glutinous rice and carefully modulated the meat stuffing, fried golden colored, not greasy, soft waxy taste delicious. Very full, some suggestions and points. Another way is to stop eating more let me love does not release the chopsticks, the dish is fried with edamame, we eat beans north is with pepper aniseed directly boiled spiced flavor. Here the soybean cooking time is not long, or green and shiny, with special fried garlic flavor, very tasty. Environment: the first floor deck, two floor rooms, the environment is very simple, very simple decoration, teahouse feeling. Traffic: seven government street and agricultural road intersection north west 100 meters, outside the shop has a small number of parking spaces, surrounding slightly blocking, suggested that the car stopped near. Integration: high cost, per capita 60 yuan, pure Hubei dishes, dishes are great, dining environment slightly noisy.相关的主题文章:

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