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By , November 15, 2017 4:56 pm

Zhaoqing a restaurant only tempered goose diners dress isn’t not let the entire "Kang" strange pose. A chicken stalls text, Guangzhou Daily reporter Guan Jiayu Guangning Zhaoqing County Bestwin Road, there is a "big star", not only in the whole street in Wurenbuxiao, throughout the county also almost even woman and children all know. However, the star is not a person, but a goose, a human "wizard goose". "Kang" funny posture. This is a tall male goose head, covered with gray and white plumage, neat and clean, the following is a pair of black feet. Because it sounds always "high", so its owner Liang Huoming boss will give it a name called "Kang", it seems to be accepted, as long as someone else called "health", it will be answered "ang" sound. Liang Huoming told reporters, "Akang" is now about 15 pounds. Two years ago, he went to Huaiji to purchase a town when I saw it is much bigger than the other geese, and feel very cute, they bought it. "At first, I didn’t know it was so funny. When I bought it, it was an ordinary goose. But the second day, "the misfits Akang" and stalls in Magang geese, and they often fight. I think "Akang" is very naughty, so I put it out." "Kang" usually stand in front of a stall to the plastic chair, head high, like a proud king, guarding the door that one of their own territory. Stop tired and went to the store to "patrol" come swaggeringly, see well-dressed guests in their feet dilly dally, but saw a dress is not the whole, shirtless man, don’t let him into the store, it will open wings, neck mouth pecked at home, until he left. So now if some customers do not wear neat to store them all feel shy, afraid of being looked down upon. "Patrol" a circle back, if someone sits on the chair that belongs to it, if you wear neat fashion also just, if the slippers shorts, "Kang" will be angry to peck the man. "Health" is not only "snobbish", will hold a grudge. There is a beam boss a friend dressed casually, "Kang" drive, he made a beheading action with the palm of the hand in "Kang" on the neck, trying to scare it. The next time no matter what he was wearing, will be "Kang" hard drive, it is so capricious". The "health" of such a chicken stalls fame pistachios, increase customers more than 30%, once in the 51, eleven, Mid Autumn Festival and other holidays, come here to buy chicken, duck and goose had to queue. "Health" is famous, people offer 5000 yuan to buy. But Liang said the boss "Kang" is already a member of his family, and then he will not sell high bid. [related reading] full of personality of the animals相关的主题文章:

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