Zhang Ziyi arrived in Toronto with a baby fans enthusiasm containment risks conflict (video) exit safe mode

By , November 20, 2017 5:20 pm

Zhang Ziyi arrived in Toronto with a baby movie fans containment risks conflict Tencent entertainment news the evening of 7 local time, as the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival judges Zhang Ziyi low-key arrived in Toronto. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ziyi also appeared together with her daughter to wake up for a period of 12 days, the work of the judges, let new mother Zhang Ziyi her daughter. The jury specially arranged for Zhang Ziyi to arrive at Toronto City Centre Airport VIP channel. I did not expect a security door was immediately fans chase chase. Zhang Ziyi is wearing a black sportswear, Beige Scarf, concealed in black white hat, grey hands pushing children’s car. Many foreign fans chanted ZiYi with Zhang Ziyi stills and shooting the latest magazine to sign. Because the hand push wake up, staff accident stop stop the enthusiasm of fans is afraid of reporters, causing little conflict. Zhang Ziyi settled in her wake up after the car safety, immediately return the car for the enthusiasm of local fans signature. It is reported that this year’s Toronto Film Festival opening ceremony will be held at 8 pm local time, Zhang Ziyi and the other two competition jury American director Blaine · de · Palma and Chad Haman – Director Ma · Saleh jalon; walk the red carpet together. Sa Beining Zhang Ziyi was a liar call with the baby containment risks conflict相关的主题文章:

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