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By , November 14, 2017 10:04 pm

Yunnan Yuanmou mudslides following: Lake dangerous the basic rule of Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Kunming – 25 September Xinhua (reporter Ji Zhepeng) reporter from the Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Chuxiong province Yuanmou county government was informed that as of 25 May 10, following the Chengdu Kunming Railway reopened recovery after the operation, after all forces for several days and nights of hard work, because the formation of debris flow disaster, 2 Lake zhubu Heiloo blockage was broken, the water level decreased significantly, the danger has been basically eliminated. Disaster transportation, electricity, communications, basically returned to normal, the affected people have been transferred to the restoration and production of self-help. In September 15th 8 to 17, 8, Yuanmou County, heavy rains, local heavy rain, resulting in some houses and crops and other facilities affected to varying degrees, a large number of damaged infrastructure. Among them, the town hero village Hailuocun cucumber Park and even the village committee Zhu Bu Cun geological disasters caused by landslides, Zhu Bu Cun, Hailuocun and Longchuan river at the junction of the formation of lake 2, also caused the Chengdu Kunming railway line to K839 Park Hongjiang cucumber + 545 line railway line left mudslides rushed, destroyed more than 300 meters, the bridge damage 1, the Chengdu Kunming railway, highway interrupted huang. After fighting the Kunming Railway Bureau, China iron and other units of the day and night, 23 days at 11:31, because of debris flow disasters interrupt the operation of 6 days of Chengdu Kunming railway line reopened. Next, the Kunming Railway Bureau will not affect the safety and order of transport under the premise of the temporary Zhanqiao next to re design and construction of steel beam bridge, so that the transportation of large arteries in Sichuan Yunnan more secure. According to reports, as of 25 May 10, rescue workers have completed the zhubu Daqing railway guide groove excavation, width of about 820 meters long, 33 meters wide, about 2.5 meters deep, a total diversion channel excavation volume of about 67 thousand and 700 cubic meters, the zhubu lake water level from the highest level of 20 to 23 25 days 10 when a drop of 2.23 meters, the water level decreased significantly, the excavation of spillway trough has begun to take effect. Hylo Lake spillway trough has completed excavation, the flood has started flood. According to reports, the resettlement of the affected areas of the masses into the restoration and reconstruction of production and self-help stage. As of 25, 11, 6 settlements were relocated 113 households, 403 people, 280 tents, some people have been safely back home, Yuanmou county is organizing force to clear the road, trying to repair water pipes, river levee reinforcement. Home people are actively rush in the harvest of crops and reduce losses, and make ready for planting trees.相关的主题文章:

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