Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress urged officials to investigate and verify the official public co-dachiyouxiang

By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

The people of Yunnan province were urged to investigate and verify the Commission officials to publicly insult speech Miao original title: ethnic and Religious Committee held a meeting in Wenshan City informed individual leading cadres involved in the investigation and verification of Miao remarks triggered public opinion work in October 28th, Yunnan Province Institute of national studies will give the province Miao ethnic and Religious Committee has submitted a "on the leadership of the Wenshan municipal public Miao speech published disgrace, reflect" caused strong dissatisfaction of the Miao compatriots inside and outside the province, the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee attaches great importance to the state of Wenshan requires timely investigation and verification. The people’s Government of Wenshan state, the state attaches great importance to reflect this situation, timely to convene a special meeting and the establishment of a working group to investigate and verify this situation, emphasis on any violation of national policy, and national unity, respect for minority customs, state firmly opposed. October 29th, the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee held a meeting to the Provincial Ethnic Association, the provincial Miao society and some of the Miao compatriots on behalf of the state of Wenshan informed the investigation and verification work and progress. Provincial Ethnic and religious leaders presided over the meeting, the relevant departments comrades informed of the work. Responsible comrades of nationalities society, Hmong society and representatives of the participants fully expressed the view of the problem, and resolutely opposes any violation of national policy and not conducive to national unity and put forward opinions and suggestions. Provincial Ethnic and religious leaders to listen carefully to the views of everyone, stressed the maintenance of national unity, social harmony is our common responsibility, we should like to take care of their eyes as well as national unity. Yunnan provincial government has always attached great importance to ethnic work, stressed that "in Yunnan, not to seek national work, to seek a global shortage in Yunnan", "the people of all nationalities is one family, one family to live a good life". The problem of ethnic and Religious Committee of the province all violations of national policy, hurt ethnic feelings, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities, always unequivocally and resolutely oppose. On the Hmong society reflect the situation, the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee attaches great importance to party, will conscientiously perform their duties, strengthen supervision and inspection, do not shield their mistakes, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all ethnic groups, to safeguard national unity. To investigate and verify the problem clearly, if true, will urge the state of Wenshan in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations, discipline, treatment. The president and vice president of the National Association of nationalities, the president and vice president of the provincial society of Miao, the Secretary General and some members of the Miao nationality and the representatives of the Miao compatriots, attended the meeting in 24. Yunnan ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee in October 30, 2016 to source: Yunnan ethnic religious network editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章:

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