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By , April 15, 2018 8:05 am

"Yun Zhi" Qin Junjie playing deep hole two format show role transformation Qingyun Zhi _20 > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by Huan Rui century produced, based on the novel Xiao Ding TV series "Yun Zhi" is like a raging fire in Hunan satellite TV broadcast, the network first episode a step has been in half, looking for the second volume mumbo-jumbo things come to an end, they returned to the city of Chongqing, Chongqing had left behind and Shushu also return to the public eye, and the original Qingyun Mountain the naughty boy playing poor in a more profound and sense of responsibility. But on Sunday continued to broadcast TV, bleed hole open, beast God about resurrection, self sacrifice to protect the city’s old people. In the face of death Grandpa, Shushu was extremely sad, kneeling pain child heart make the audience distressed. Once Shushu regression line less shuapinzui play deep in the network video latest update of the VIP series, Dinghai villa chapter ended, Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi went back to Chongqing City, and stay in Chongqing city book return line, so fans shouted again to see the book ". However, it is not difficult to find that the book has been troubled by the Chongqing capital, although still optimistic and cheerful, humorous, but more than a deep and sense of responsibility. The book, in order to revive Grandpa, will the little castellan surrendered to Li Xun. Even if the book is lying to oneself thought Li Xun, but the heart is still a glimmer of hope, think of the pro love accentuates, really very distressed. Last night, Xiao Yudu returned, time has not seen the two brothers chat. When talking about seeing Wuyan after Qin Xiaofan failed to avenge the old Duke, the book said if I can safety from the ghost Wang Zong up. At the same time, in the snow on the Qi Xiaofan learned to question, the book again unreservedly believe Xiaofan will have their own difficulties, reminiscent of seven pulse will start Shishu firmly in the same book funny side, viewers have commented that "the book is really a reliable friend". The ultimate challenge grief Qin Junjie "two faces" show "Zhi" in the role transformation of Qingyun Qin Junjie up early sister playing poor jump is full, then there are many explosive inversion interpretation, "the two sides" left a deep impression on the audience. In the fierce confrontation with Yan Shu Yan strong side Book shameless anger and contempt, because a Grandpa safe and have scruples, forbear, veined undershot, no idol burden. In this regard, Qin Junjie said that he did not care about the image of the problem, if acting when thinking of these, it can not be put into. In the upcoming broadcast this Sunday night in the story, the ancient cave bat million under 100 years old to evil secret, lord god beast resurrection in stone block. In the face of the sudden death of Grandpa, book hard to accept, not in front of the statue kneeling, messy hair, one picture "no image", a feeling of sorrow but reveal the most incisive, child cry a public audience. It is reported that, once Shushu will in the next chapter Koike town has more excellent performance. "Yun Zhi" has been changed to every Sunday to Tuesday at 22 PM in Hunan satellite TV two free, see three day war Qingyun burning.相关的主题文章:

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