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Yuho and other foreign companies to   of consumer services The climate does not suit one.; lack of awareness — Finance — people.com.cn days ago, Chinese enterprise announced with Uber drops travel (excellent step) global strategic agreement, will acquire yuho China drops travel brand, business data, etc. all of the assets in mainland Chinese operation. So far, the best step to become a new business in the Chinese market and local enterprises in the competition, the defeat of another case. Associate professor at the New York University Stern School of business, Robert? Solomon in an interview with the author said: "excellent step, not the first to enter the China foreign technology companies, is not the first to enter the United States Chinese company, certainly not the first in the Chinese development companies in the United states." From Google to Ebay, excellent step, many technology start-ups in their local markets are doing "wind", but once the market to China away from home, there was a The climate does not suit one. "phenomenon. Why does it face the bottleneck of its development in China? Professor of the College of American Yeshiva University in the Yellow River, said in an interview with the author, there are three angles from the reason analysis: first, China consumers are not accustomed to the lack of suitable for American companies Chinese consumer habits service consciousness; second, the Sino US cultural gap is very large, the different social structure, for example, twitter. Twitter requirements shall not exceed the number of each word, and for this expression is not applicable for China culture; third, the importance of the team, the team for start-ups is the most valuable asset, the American enterprise still use the American team to China cultural background do not understand, Chinese in their own business, have more "local advantage", a better understanding of local consumer habits, so it is not difficult to understand. In fact, compared with similar foreign companies stationed in Chinese, yuho has scored the 123 line of the city a number of Chinese, but also remarkable achievements in terms of localization. In Chinese, yuho and Baidu, Alibaba have reached an agreement, users can also pay their own travel booking, through Baidu maps and Alipay mobile phone application. But due to the excellent step in travel has been in the network Chinese drops about the car market became widespread after the emplacement, first lost "first mover advantage", the network about the car market in a relatively low threshold, occupy the market main advantage lies in the innovation of business mode and can provide consumers with the driver how much. Preferential benefit. Excellent step in innovation, in the whole Chinese network about the car market is not surprising, at the same time, also did not like drops of travel, and local taxi market to seek cooperation, in addition, in the consumer and the driver, convenience, and preferential dividend is also insufficient. "The cultural tastes and preferences of Chinese consumers are not the same as those of Western consumers, and consumption patterns are not the same as those of the western countries. Moreover, both sides of the economic market environment is very different, Solomon said. Although China opens the door for the foreign enterprises in the local market, but these "catfish" can survive, and "stir a pond" is still unknown. Foreign enterprises in China before, if in China相关的主题文章:

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