You have to see! Dragon Quest the opening test for X-hypersnap-dx

By , April 15, 2018 12:25 pm

You have to see! "Dragon Quest X" open test information 7.7 CGWR score novice card booking | Dragon Quest X area Shanda agent Japanese national level RPG gaming masterpiece "Dragon Quest" X November 10th will open open test. Game player and game player appointment can now test the forerunner to advance into the game free demo. The rest of the players in November 10th after the qualification to enter the game, today Xiaobian finishing some of the players, for players to understand. Dragon Quest X for the test and open test qualification start time: November 10th 10:00, November 10th, open all day long open time for 10:00 officially deducted monthly days. I bought the adventure landing card game player has the game time, game player, game player and the first test appointment did not buy a landing card game player need to recharge the game time to play the game. I have a test qualification game player can go to pay.sdo for the game recharge time. (November 9th opening, the opening test of recharge) need to "test qualification and game time" to enter the game to get test qualification: 1, participated in the first test of the awakening of the grand pass account number 2, participated in the pioneer test does not delete files grand pass account number 3, October 19th in the official website of mobile phone number to bind the grand pass reservation card account 4, buy a landing permit or adventure adventure landing card collector’s edition of the grand pass account the adventurers landing permit November 10th 10:00 on sale again Dragon Quest X download the latest client "Dragon Quest X" open test client is available for download today, game player download the latest version of the client in the official website. If you have installed the player of the first test client, you can also update to the latest version of the online update. In order to avoid the opening line on the day of the test, it is recommended to download and install the players in front of the client. Client download > > > adjust the game settings before entering the game, you need to set the game. Click on the upper right corner of the starter gear button to open the game set. When the game starts for the first time, you need to adjust the game screen, buttons and other settings. When you do not understand the role of the options, the mouse moved to the options will appear text. You can also open the settings menu settings. Adjust the game settings regulation game set new interface can automatically switch "Dragon Quest X" open test equipment of a new UI interface, a new UI interface for the domestic habits of mouse operation of the game player can be described as "Gospel", game player who can quickly adapt to the operation of clear interface. For DQ fans as well as the custom handle player, you can still choose the classic interface, feel the most classic DQ fun. Thus, squaresoft AI Nicks is very important for the national costume, the launch of the new UI is designed for mouse and keyboard operation for game player, to handle the game player, or.相关的主题文章:

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