You have to aim high! Wang Jianlin, Ma Yun, why does the preference of small target of the

By , November 17, 2017 10:53 pm

You have to aim high! Wang Jianlin, Ma Yun, why does the preference of "small target" of the? Wen and Zhang Hongyi Wang Jianlin recently, "1 hundred million small" Related words become a hot topic in the social platform. The ancients said: "aim high, meaning that people should achieve the lofty aspirations and goals. However, many entrepreneurs are starting from a lot of specific small goals, step by step to the pinnacle of life. The concept of wealth of entrepreneurs is different from the ordinary people on the surface, in essence, they are starting from a small goal to struggle, and gradually close to the ultimate goal of their hearts. For example, Ma Yun’s small goal is to do a small business, and later founded the Alibaba. And Ma Huateng, Zuckerberg they have their own unique ideas for small goals. Ma Yun’s small goal: just want to do a small business, Ma Yun repeatedly stressed in a public speech repeatedly stressed that in order to succeed, you must first set a small goal, make a big mistake again. In an interview, he talked about his biggest mistake was the creation of Alibaba. He said, in fact, at the beginning just want to do a little business, he does not want to do the richest man. In the same way, Ma has also exchanged views with the staff at the new exchange Ali said, I did not want to be the richest man from the first day, so I will dilute the company’s holdings in this way. But I did not expect to put their shares down to 8%, or so much, which I did not expect." To become the richest man, is the dream of many young entrepreneurs chase. There are a lot of people have asked Ma such an interesting question, now the media generally comment that you are the richest man in China, you have the potential to become the richest man in the world? " Ma Yun in a very practical small target responded: "many years ago, I told my wife, the employee of the company Zhang Ying had a chat. I asked, do you hope your husband will become the richest man in the future? She said, you first ghost ah, how do you look like the richest man. I asked, do you want me to be a rich person, or a very rich person, or without the cost of living, while respected entrepreneurs? She replied, of course. So we set the small target." In the Alibaba to the new employee organization exchange meeting, a new employee to Jack Ma raised such a question: what is the power to support you have been toward the final road, step by step forward has been going on? Ma Yun said, because with a bunch of righteous people, doing a meaningful thing, everybody has a common goal, to support it, even walk away and will not regret it, because I in it every minute, every day is the best. Ma Huateng: the beginning of the business to put the target to the minimum if Wang Jianlin and ma have their own small goals, then that is the way to tell you how to implement the small target of the people of the people of the people of the world, the people of the world are the best. For entrepreneurs, the setting of goals not only determines the speed of departure, but also determines whether the future can be successful. For entrepreneurship, Ma Huateng said, do not start to set ambitious goals, but the goal to the most?相关的主题文章:

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