You don’t know after 95 red net is not the mainstream 11% cosmetic aesthetic

By , April 18, 2018 11:51 pm

You don’t know after 95: Red Net 11% is not the mainstream aesthetic cosmetic plan recently, QQ data released after "95" aesthetic outlook report shows that 95 is not our imagination in the "non mainstream", they do not love red net, have their own aesthetic standards, accept male makeup, keen social personality the report, with the data reduction of young people in the era of the most true preferences. In the report, but also reflects the regional differences, Chongqing 95 after many local and national level is not the same, in particular to a girls face, is opposite to the national trend, they do not love face. Chongqing 95 after plastic surgery do not love as a new force more face the courage to accept new things, 95 for cosmetic acceptance is quite high, according to the "95 report" after the aesthetic display, can accept plastic surgery after 95 up to 85%, and 11% of the 95 future plans after plastic surgery, but nearly 80% of the respondents. 95 after that product "excessive cosmetic net cop" is not the mainstream aesthetic, this view, Chongqing 95 is reached 92%. In the treatment of cosmetic problems, Chongqing 95 and the national level is basically the same, tolerance to accept other cosmetic surgery, but there are more than half of people do not accept their other half to cosmetic surgery. At the same time, 78% of the 95 that the network is not the mainstream aesthetic. They said: "normal people love to see the face, good is good, but the net face seemed to be a kind of long, not what recognition not remember, and easy to make a mistake, it is embarrassing……" In the love of male and female students face and hair like, more than 50% people love Liu hair of the boys, including Chongqing, this data is reached 57%, higher than the national average of 52%. But for girls face, Chongqing has a kind of aesthetic form, 63% of the country’s 95 love face, but Chongqing is only 13%, relatively speaking, they face more love girls. But for girls hair, Chongqing 95 and the country, all girls love long straight hair. Dress: Pink underpants on parents A new force suddenly rises. wealth accumulation, 95 after they grew up in a well-off rich environment, to buy buy buy this thing, not natural. After more than 20% of the cost of more than $95 will be used for dressing up, according to data show that for less than 21 years of age, after the purchase of luxury goods accounted for about 95 of the total consumption of $32%. Chongqing 95, 69% of people will be 10%-30% of the monthly income for dressing up, higher than the national average of 44%, perhaps due to the natural beauty of nature more chongqing. From the clothing style and the choice of colors, can fully see after 95 is indeed the "personal independence of conduct" generation, their love is full of personality printing, also love cool black, shockingly, the proportion of boys actually buy a pink underwear next to black. In the choice of female underwear, Chongqing 95 men and women tend to be simple style, accounting for more than 67%, nearly twice the sexy type. In the underwear pattern of Chongqing after 95, the conservative point of pure preference point accounted for 68%. Favorite boys: Sunny boys beat warm men in this report for the favorite men相关的主题文章:

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