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By , April 16, 2018 10:20 pm

You can also look at health! Your baby fart normal? Sohu – maternal process in nursing the baby, many parents will find their children often fart, sometimes out of shit, why is this? Is it a normal phenomenon? Today, I will take you to see the kangaroo baby "". The baby often fart normal? The reason why people fart, because in the intestinal tract, especially colon to rectum in this section, there are approximately 100 trillion bacteria, these bacteria can decompose food in the gastrointestinal tract, and produce a lot of gas. Gas will move with the intestinal peristalsis and move to the anus, it will produce a fart. In addition, when swallowing food, the air will then enter the digestive tract, as well as the blood gas will penetrate into the intestinal tract, which is also the way the fart. Infant’s gastrointestinal tract development is not mature, under the influence of some factors, it is easy to appear the intestinal dysbacteriosis, therefore more prone to fart fart sound phenomenon, light, sound, but not bad. But under normal circumstances, people frequently not without reason if the baby fart fart, too many times, parents must actively find the reasons, and take corresponding measures to solve. Causes and treatment of frequent fart 1, baby want to defecate if the baby is eating milk not long fart, may be to poopoo, then usually fart. The way to deal with: then the mother can promptly put your baby or put the baby in the toilet, let the baby defecate, can save a diaper. 2, if the baby is hungry baby and vent fart, no smell, can also hear stomach gurgling sound, mostly caused by starvation led to the increase of intestinal peristalsis. Answer: this time the mother to breastfeed or food for the baby, or do not blame the baby crying loudly to deal with you. 3, swallow excess air baby crying while eating, eating only breast milk containing her mother’s nipple, eat milk when the milk does not fill the nipple, can make the baby breathe in too much air, causing excess gas in the stomach, intestinal peristalsis accelerated, causing more fart. Solution: for breastfed babies if milk and lactation flow quickly, when they need to press control for nipple discharge; eat baby milk powder parents when feeding to make milk with the nipple, but also pay attention to the nipple hole can not be too large or too small. Because too much easy to let the baby eat too fast, too small due to sucking hard and inhaled too much air. After the infants, mothers should stand with the baby, let the baby’s head on her shoulders, then in accordance with the "from the waist to the neck" direction, hollow palm gently pat his back, let the baby burp exhaust. 4, mom diet can stimulate the mother to eat too many ingredients contain stimulating ingredients of food, these ingredients will also enter into the milk through the blood circulation, baby food containing these ingredients to stimulate milk, will cause the baby fart. The way to deal with: Breastfeeding temporarily to eat some cold food stimuli, such as pepper, fruit juice, coffee, tea and cool.相关的主题文章:

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