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By , April 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Yin Zheng "sparrow" in love deeply face fierce contrast agents are adorable – Yin "sparrow" is the entertainment Sohu Sohu stills entertainment news the day before, by Yin Zheng to join Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun starred in the Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit the screen, the top ranked provincial satellite TV ratings. Yin Zheng plays the extremely cruel and merciless agent captain Su three, played with lightning thunderstorm magic circle effect of powder, and this was the Diablo series use unscrupulous divisive tactics in front of his family is very soft and gentle; met Li Xiaonan by heart feelings, even second affectionate face! The audience have said, my God, he smiled and was actually Su sweet sweet, more than and 100 people arrested the number of people in the Soviet Union, the province is also sad three beauty off". Yin Zheng’s performance caused many passers-by have a unique style charm of the tap water Amway. Captain boy isspicy resolutely positive interpretation of Shuai Yin frenzied "sparrow" is the Communist Party, the Kuomintang and Wang Weisan forces secretly fighting, the role of Yin Zheng Su three from Kuomintang "surrender" to the puppet regime, a debut with the general staff of the Shanghai stronghold of the catch, set a meritorious made agent three team captain. In this cruel and sinister Su three, dark Department Yin Zheng suffocating, he led the action of cold perverse, seemingly casual but fast accurate take the objective; eyes full of unruly unruly and strong desire to conquer, the whole person exudes aloof temperament; trial prisoners dodo threat the side of the face close up in the past, full of stress. Fans is mine, Jiangsu provinces this bad style has a frenzied handsome, subwoofer, kill, kill, eye gun kill, kill the side head tease hair…… Wonderful interpretation of Yin Zheng lets the audience look both shocked and happy, "laments," cocky "handsome kneel." The fall, Jiangsu provinces become the puppet inside the big figures, this is a disaster for him. The first was at the base pay deductions was Chen Shen, Tang Shanhai, and Bi Zhongliang teamed up to calculate, in flames trap will next, how has performance superior Yin Zheng will respond? Every day to see the drama of three provinces can not stop. When love becomes the second affectionate face Yin positive contrast "Adorable smile is so sweet." "the sparrow" Sino Soviet provinces is described as a "lone wolf", but his heart has a warm desire, Yin is the two sides played a characteristic. He is indifferent in front of people, home to see sister is a gentle and calm appearance, speak patience and reserving agent completely different, often empty wallet to sister money to buy food. But in and Li Xiaonan (Kan Qingzi decoration) met after more inexplicable adorable feelings between men and women, riding a motorcycle to send Li Xiaonan home, mouth slightly quivering rose; Li Xiaonan dumplings supper, he was like a child happy giggle. Yin Zhengzai and his family in front of the Soviet Union is no longer the province of, second affection, such a contrast has become a major aspect of the characters, to be able to control the two sides of the perfect, highlighting the Yin is solid and full of acting skills, but also the performance of the three.   相关的主题文章:

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