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Yang Yang recalls: campus life are not even riding a bicycle carrying girls the opportunity Yang Yang Beijing – reporter Wang Fengwen Ping Wei photography was born in 1991 debut early, in 2008, he was in Li Shaohong’s drama version of "a dream of Red Mansions" in the play "Jia Baoyu", has now entered the entertainment circle. Like many small, although many works, but until 2015 the movie "left ear" was released, many viewers noticed these pieces of grass exist, although he had been in "runaway detective" in challenging the villain. Network drama "Tomb notes" and let Yang Yang harvest a large number of fans, and the TV drama "smiled" very little "Xiao Nai" let him go a step further. Starring Deng Chao and his film "passing from your world" forthcoming, September 22nd, Yang Yang with the Silk Road Film Festival in Xi’an’s promotional video, in September 23rd, he and Oscar of Henan cinema should be invited to Zhengzhou and intimate contact with the audience, regardless of the number of fans everywhere, or the level of security, is a a "God" standard. Yang Yang care — don’t want the audience to look at the face of Yang Yang’s film and television works and the audience, the audience in the spread of the word, "looked at Yang Yang’s face, all fiction actor have face". This makes Yang Yang some he repeatedly thanked the audience overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, an affirmation of their own, said he played the role of course want to be recognized, but don’t just look at the face. He also hoped that later can play some role in the hierarchy, such as "as passing from your world" in eighteen, under Zhang Jiajia’s pen, this role should be middle-aged, at least with Deng Chao’s age, but Zhang Jiajia believes that Yang Yang is the best choice for the part. Before, whether it is "Tomb notes" in Zhang Qiling, or "smiled" very little in the Xiao Nai, is high and cold, the Mao eighteen is a simple, restrained, technology Indoorsman ineloquent. Yang Yang said: "this is a big challenge for a long time did not take this down to earth’s role, but also in Chongqing, so the taste of city movies." Although Yan admitted value is high, but Yang Yang believes he can do some level role, because they have many sides, there are also many different state director for mining, he thought he would play every play is different state. Yang Yang to own rules, in his novel of the film and television works, must restore the original characters in the character, he also knows some of the audience for their evaluation of facial paralysis, to "Tomb notes" as an example, he didn’t want to play into paralysis, but the original "kylin" is that the. In "a smile is in Qingcheng" although not much, but Yang Yang believes that the "Xiao Nai" the figures in the feelings of the dominant, has many stages from early to late stage. So he think highly of the "passing from your world", the reason is because "down to earth". But Yang Yang’s next play is "III ten peach", is a IP movie, Yang Yang will continue to bear the "yen value questioned the high young actor is not good", he believes that all the actors come to be so).相关的主题文章:

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