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By , April 16, 2018 10:20 pm

Yang Feng first half net profit growth of more than 17% points of modern agriculture transformation Lazi hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu August 30th evening, Yang Feng (000902, SZ) notice that the first half of 2016 the company achieved revenue 5 billion 61 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 467 million yuan, an increase of 16.81%. It is worth mentioning that, with the previous "muffled things", since March of this year, Yang Feng has set up subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign standards, the future will be fully into the modern agriculture. Net profit steady growth market for the better rehabilitation Hefei semi annual report shows that the first half of 2016, Yang Feng achieved operating income of 5 billion 61 million yuan, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 467 million yuan, representing a growth of 16.81%. In fact, now the fertilizer companies are facing a comprehensive excess capacity, the situation of increased competition, some of the main base of large fertilizer companies have been consecutive losses for many years. With the basic fertilizer on the contrary, in recent years, compound fertilizer, in addition to the first half of 2016 A new force suddenly rises., Yang Feng net profit to grow steadily, the company net profit than Jin Zhengda and STANLEY attributable to shareholders of listed companies grew by 20.54% and 15.46% respectively. Industry experts pointed out that the impact of traditional fertilization habits by farmers, the current rate of only 50% of the compound fertilizer in China, from the developed countries more than 70% of the compound rate has a certain gap. The gap also means that the domestic compound fertilizer market share of large enterprises still have room for improvement. For the afternoon, Yang Feng has a plan, the company said, the two major infrastructure projects on the first half of the company’s progress smoothly, plans to invest 630 million yuan in the new Yang Feng 600 thousand tons of phosphorus in nitro compound fertilizer project, the drum tower workshop, workshop has been put into production and production standards, production plan of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate solution in September commissioning production. In addition, the company plans to invest 400 million yuan in Jilin Yang Feng 800 thousand tons of new fertilizer project is expected to end this year put into operation, the tower workshop and urea based workshop construction schedule is expected. More overweight Lazi modern agricultural industrial chain faced with overcapacity, transformation and upgrading and increasing competition in the industry such as the complex test, the first half of this year, Yang Feng changed the "muffled things" style, hold high the "transformation" banner, continue to do bigger and stronger the main industry of fertilizers at the same time, for the beginning of modern agriculture actively to extend the industrial chain. In March this year, the new Yang Feng subsidiary Australia Yang Feng bought in Australia Kendorwal farm all the assets, the first step of the pace of development of overseas. Yang Feng said, the acquisition of Kendorwal farm is in order to make full use of the farm for agricultural development in Australia, the development of farming and animal husbandry, an important part in the overseas development strategy is the company’s. At the same time, the company wholly-owned sun Yichang newyangfeng fertilizer Stock Co. Ltd. received the Australian Department of agriculture (DOA) issued by the export of Australia相关的主题文章:

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