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Xu Shiyou said: anyone who is not party chairman in his opponent’s core tip: Xu Shiyou once said: "in addition to Party chairman, who is Zhang Guotao’s rival, and in Mao Zedong’s memory, struggle and Zhang Guotao is his worst moment in life. The Yanan times, Zhang Guotao (left) and Mao Zedong photo data extracted from the chart: people.com.cn, author: Han Lu, the original title: history is misunderstanding: Rebel Zhang Guotao is wrong, excerpt Xu Shiyou once said: "in addition to the party chairman, who is Zhang Guotao’s rival, and in Mao Zedong’s memory that struggle with Zhang Guotao is he the darkest moment in life. Any one of the history of the Communist Party of China, but the jump of the name of Zhang Guotao, he in the history of the achievements and mistakes are very clear, the A and B to the interpretation of his life, but for a long time in his history of the Communist Party of China’s most significant label is: a traitor. With the continuous released in recent years archives, history of the deepening of the study, some experts pointed out that although Zhang Guotao is in the process of the revolution made serious mistakes, even to mutiny, but should not cover its historical contribution in the establishment of the Communist Party in the process of China. "Beginning of The Great Revival plays Zhang Guotao’s" young actor Li Chen said: "this man Zhang Guotao in the early founding, or a very pure blooded youth, he is very important in the history of the early, late is very special, we have to do is to face up to history……" Zhang Guotao was born in Jiangxi Pingxiang born gentry family of the gentry family, father is the official business at the same time, banks, Zhang lives, prominent family background. Zhang Guotao is the eldest son of the family, his father has high hopes for him. Zhang’s father and son often have ideological exchanges, many of them the collision of old and new ideas. October 1916, Zhang Guotao was admitted to Peking University. Peking University School, Zhang Guotao often put their reading of the "New Youth" such as the progress of books, to the father, and resolutely rejected marriage arrangements at home. Zhang Guotao’s eloquence is very good, in Peking University, he actively participated in the student movement, preaching around the revolution. For his eloquence, and later the Red Army man recalls: "Zhang chairman of the pre war mobilization is the best, and each are all excited, A fighting spirit soars aloft." In 1919, Zhang Guotao and Mao Zedong at the University Library meet for the first time, when Zhang is a student leader, and Mao Beijing University Library Assistant, Li Dazhao said to Mao Zedong: "this is a rare, comrade Zhang Guotao." Mao Zedong greeted, warmly shook hands with Zhang Guotao, self introduction, said: I am Hunan, Mao Runzhi." Zhang Guotao nodded, then with Li Dazhao talk with eloquence self-assured or supercilious. Many years later, Mao Zedong in the north of the United States to accept an interview with the American reporter Snow, referring to the acquaintance, said with deep feeling: they look down on me, the rural buns." 54 sports achievements Zhang Guotao really put Zhang Guotao on the foreground is the history of the 54 movement". "The May 4th Movement" broke out, Zhang Guotao is the Beijing Student Union minister speech, speech is their activist gathering place, a large number of Peking University only had more than and 800 people. Zhang Guotao composed these speeches and lectures, and went to the streets of Beijing, the railway station and the town.相关的主题文章:

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