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Xiuning County informed the underage girl allegedly raped pregnant case: the public security organs are supplementary investigation — Anhui channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Hefei Xinhua (Han Chang) October 12th, users reflect Anhui Xiuning underage girls was the same village man raped and pregnant, said Xiuning County procuratorate suspect Wang made according to the law decided not to arrest. In October 14th, Xiuning County Procuratorate on this arrest situation to make informed, said after the examination suspects alleged rape of insufficient evidence, the Xiuning county public security authorities are further supplementary investigation, the supplementary investigation is completed, can be submitted again to review the arrest of county procuratorate according to law. The following is the original notification: Wang Moulong (born in January 1, 2000, is a minor) alleged rape case in April 26, 2016 by the victim’s mother Wang Moumou report to the Public Security Bureau of Xiuning County, the Bureau after examination of the investigation, and in April 29th the suspect Wang Long arrested after, on 9 August 2016 in our hospital for approval of arrest I think after the examination, Wang Moulong alleged rape of insufficient evidence, then in August 16th to make the decision not to approve the arrest. The public security organs after the investigation evidence showed that: the suspect Wang Moulong in early 2016 and the victim Xiaoqin (pseudonym, born December 1998, minors) to have sex with the victim; the suspects confessed Wang Moulong Xiaoqin stating the obvious inconsistency; there is no evidence that the suspect Wang Moulong through violence, coercion and victim Xiaoqin sexual relations. All the evidence of the public security organ of the review that, in this case the victim Xiaoqin identified with partial defense ability, that is to say, the defending ability to lower than normal, but not asexual defense ability. Therefore, the judgment of whether or not to violate the will of women in rape should be reduced to the standard of sexual defense ability of normal people, and should be distinguished from the ability of asexual defense. Specific to the case, whether the violation Xiaoqin will, in evidence should be objectively reflected to some extent, the suspect said that as long as the proposed requirements when the victim has made a clear negative meaning, no initiative behavior can be identified as against their will. But the public security organ of the existing evidence in this case, the victim can not prove that said requirement in each other has made a clear negative meaning, also cannot prove the suspect to have sex with the victim to have the use of violence, coercion, the court believes that Wang Moulong alleged rape of insufficient evidence, does not meet the the conditions of arrest, and shall make a decision not to approve the arrest. Our hospital in accordance with the law to make the decision not to approve the arrest at the same time, according to the case needs to supplement the content of the investigation to the public security organs issued a supplementary investigation outline to guide the public security organs investigation evidence collection. At present, Xiuning county public security organs are further supplementary investigation, supplementary investigation is completed, according to the law can once again brought to the hospital for examination and arrest. In addition, the relevant sites mentioned in the report Wang Mou, Zhu two people, the public security organs did not submit to the court for approval of arrest, our hospital will be timely supervision of public security organs shall be handled according to law. About)相关的主题文章:

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