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By , April 16, 2018 10:22 pm

Wugudaochang liquidateassets had a hit out of the market Yifei fried Beijing daily news (reporter Aruhan) in Kinde after chocolate, or instant noodles brand wugudaochang will become COFCO next to clean up the object? The business has been difficult wugudaochang, it is not impossible, perhaps from the integration of non-performing assets to start. Beijing Property Exchange yesterday linked COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food limited company equity and debt sale information. Wugudaochang sale subsidiary is behind this old enterprise instant noodles said of an aged person aura faded after. Public information, Jiangxi COFCO natural grain food company began construction in June 2009, was put into operation in August, the main production of wugudaochang deep fried and non fried instant noodles products, the company’s business scope for food technology development, processing and sales of instant noodles. According to the Beijing equity exchange information, COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food company limited 100% equity and debt of the listing price of 125 million yuan. COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food limited company COFCO natural grain food investment limited 100% holding company, the parent company did not explain the cause of the sale of subsidiaries. However, it can be seen from the sale of information, the company continued loss of business or triggered the intention of the parent company. In 2015, COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food limited company operating income was only 27 thousand yuan, operating profit -437.18 million, net profit -436.94 million yuan; the first half of this year, operating income of 48 thousand and 600 yuan, operating profit -34.38 million, net profit -34.38 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that the number of employees of this company is zero. It is reported that, at present, wugudaochang attributable to COFCO’s China Foods Ltd management, China food yesterday responded to the Beijing Daily reporter, COFCO wugudaochang instant noodles business is focused on seven provinces and cities in the north market, not to open up the South market, COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food Co. Ltd. has been discontinued. According to the "guidance" of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, deepen the reform of the central enterprises in accordance with the "fitness and health work program" and "COFCO on fitness and health, the specific deployment work quality and efficiency, the China Foods Ltd intends to transfer COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food Co., equity and debt, related progress may be concerned about the Beijing property exchange announcement. Another person close to COFCO wugudaochang introduction, in fact, a few years ago COFCO Jiangxi natural grain food Co. Ltd. has been dismissed from the staff, is now selling a stake in the company and creditor’s rights, has entered into liquidation, but also behind the wugudaochang company suspended the downturn. Once a new concept of wugudaochang for "non fried" became popular, but because of excessive plant founder resulting in cash flow problems, have to sell assets. In 2009 the state-owned COFCO special out of 109 million yuan for the wugudaochang company debt and pay the bankruptcy expenses, in order to obtain a 100% stake in the company, then wugudaochang has become a subsidiary of COFCO company. Although there is a theory相关的主题文章:

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