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By , April 10, 2018 8:44 pm

Wu Yifan Simon Yam uncle quest reality show – Sohu Wu Yifan joined the entertainment "seventy-two odd floor"   Sohu; entertainment news Chinese suspense adventure novels figures " Nanpai Sanshu " the first to enter the field of reality, with a professional team to build the first quest reality show "seventy-two layer" on odd floor 2017 debut, for the audience to create the most mysterious visual feast. Production team program mode and top of the unique, let the "seventy-two floor" odd get many industry professionals and the attention of the brand. In the opening yesterday of the advertising investment will peak (Beijing Railway Station), "seventy-two odd floor" producers Tang time again exposed the program highlights, and Wu Yifan, Simon Yam as the first guest star to join them, for a period of less than 3 minutes for the special video exposure, add hot tide. Wu Yifan Simon Yam joined   " " " " experience; gold; strength cited expectations   has a powerful and unconstrained style imagination of a " Nanpai Sanshu " abandon the usual market reality show mode, new story program gradually, " since 67 BC onwards, every dynasty will establish a building, but each dynasty established the floor with the passage of time will fall under the seventy-two layer floor has odd ", full publicity and rich subversive plot is attracted to Simon Yam, Wu Yi joined the all important factors.   Wu Yifan backstage to sincere idol image quality harvest numerous focus and sure in life he was also a keen to explore the strength of the fancier, confirmed to join also confirmed that the "seventy-two layer" program highlights unique odd floor. Has always been a tough guy image shows Simon Yam rarely participate in the reality show, he appeared also greatly enhance the users of the program’s expectations. The exposure of the video, the two guests said very much looking forward to this and Nanpai Sanshu cooperation, will show you the real side. However, the two guests " gold; " strength is qualified for the first program shall be informed. It is reported that, in addition to two guests metrosexual man exposed, the program will be invited to participate in the recording of luxury star, each program will have more digital heavy flying guests to help out, everyone looking forward to super star lineup.   Nanpai Sanshu into security ratings " fancy " quest reality revealed truth   as China suspense adventure fiction writer Nanpai Sanshu, according to " " adaptation of the best-selling works of film and television works is the reputation and ratings soar, the movie "Pirates of the tomb notes" become a summer only breaking 1 billion film and the TV drama "," old nine door is playing a total amount exceeded 10 billion, " Nanpai Sanshu " also became security ratings. Good at building suspense story and humorous writing style, with a powerful and unconstrained style imagination of a he also won many fans sought after pen. " successfully involved in film and television screenwriter industry, Nanpai Sanshu; " to.相关的主题文章:

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