Women’s high-speed emergency Lane parking network to participate in the spike was fined-easeljs

By , April 16, 2018 5:01 am

High speed driver emergency Lane parking fines to participate in online shopping seckill CNR net Chongqing on November 13th news (reporter Liu Zhan correspondent to Chongqing Haiyan) second high-speed law enforcement detachment four brigade encountered two chop hand female flower". 4 pm yesterday, the Shanghai Chengdu Expressway to the direction of the city 1345 kilometers, a silver "step" into the four brigade enforcement officers sight, the car parked in the emergency lane, on the left side of the white line on all wheels will not open the emergency parking, car lights, car no one round. Law enforcement officers will patrol car parked in the rear of the vehicle when the thing, to ask the situation, when the car into the driver found a driver sitting in the driver’s seat, holding a mobile phone does not stop fiddling with mobile phone interface shows impressively is a online shopping interface, and a passenger vehicle rear row do the same thing. According to the driver surnamed Li said, their last night on shopping online until midnight, spent nearly 20000 yuan of money, today was going to drive to Wanzhou, suddenly think of two things you see online at 5 in the afternoon to take part in the "seckill" activities, will not think too much, directly to the car parked in the emergency lane, ready to take a chance, can see two pieces of clothes can not be "seconds" to their own long. Law enforcement officers listen to the driver’s words is dumbfounding, she pointed out that the non emergency illegal facts in the emergency Lane parking, and ordered it to leave the car to Kuimen toll station, and has carried on the punishment. Source: CNR network editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章:

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