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By , November 15, 2017 5:13 pm

Witness: 1 reduction in Suichang landslide 3 go out to drink Wedding Beijing – survived Suichang is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, is a small population. 64 year old Suichang County, the village of Pan Xinhua and a lot of people in the village, like, usually in the construction site in Hangzhou. "In September 28th, I received a phone call from my brother, saying that the house was buried." Pan Xinhua said, when he and his brother lived together, the younger brother and his wife ran out, but his father has lost contact. Around 17:28 on September 28th, Suichang County, north of the town of Su Village landslides. As at 15 am on September 30th, has successfully rescued 15 people, dug up the victims of the 7, there are still 20 people lost contact. "My mother-in-law has ran out of the house, but ultimately failed to run down the rocks" in September 28th, 47 year old Su Village in the village of Su Aimin has just finished his work, ready to go home early for dinner. It has been raining these days, Su Zhanghong, director of the village committee of the village of worry about geological disasters, so that after dinner to go to the village patrol Su Aimin. Su Aimin is walking on the bridge, suddenly saw on the opposite side of the mountain collapsed, body suddenly soft down — his mother and brother in the mountain and lived under. Su Aimin panic, brother-in-law took out his mobile phone to phone, but still no answer. Of landslides has been rushed to the bridge in front of the river, the river cut down the middle. "The top of the stone rushed down, like the sea as soon as possible, not a minute." He recalled the scene at that time. "I wanted to run up there. At the time, but it has not been to see the house." He found that the brother-in-law of the couple ran out, the more than and 60 year old mother-in-law ran out of the house, but ultimately failed to run down the rocks. Su Aimin wanted to rush up to find someone, but was pulled by the village cadres, because it may happen again landslides. After that, the local government arranged for the villagers to live in temporary settlements in the town. On the night of the landslide, Su Aimin was not asleep. Second days morning, armed police officers and soldiers rushed to the local rescue, "I give them the way, I am more familiar with the village, can help find the safe way". He also led a number of officers and men, braved the danger to send food to the excavator’s work area. 29 evening, the reporter with the conversation, Su Aimin saw just relief soldiers back, before they open, first greeting: "my family has an empty room, you can live." "A wedding saved our family life." "it is said that our family life is good, a wedding saved our family life." The evening of September 29th, the reporter in the north of the town of Suichang County Cultural auditorium to see the 51 year old Fu Weifang, which is after the disaster she spent here in the evening of second. On the morning of September 28th, before the disaster, workers in the northern border town came to Fu Weifang’s house to persuade her and her family not to stay at home in the evening. "I told them:" you can rest assured, I went to the wedding, night not back, live outside. "." She found that the mountains have been falling stones, but will also fall, so she did not care. Nephew drove the three Fu Weifang family went to drink wedding, but not to the destination, electric相关的主题文章:

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