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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

Wild birds become dishes farmhouse venison a 500 yuan of "Swan – Beijing Jinqiu survey motivation has been to, especially the coming Mid Autumn Festival, for customers, this is a good time to gobble down. In order to meet some people’s appetites, in some places, wild birds become publicly listed on the menu of dishes. Protected by law, how to become a wild bird food, which is how the interests of the chain? In this regard, the Legal Daily reporter conducted an in-depth investigation. Reporter trainee newspaper reporter Han Dandong reporter Zhao Li autumn gradually, birds flying south. Every year in late August to the end of November, tens of millions of migratory birds by Tianjin Hebei region south, this area is located in China’s 3 major bird migration channel — one of the East Asia – Australia migratory path. The migratory birds fly over the gathering in crowds and groups of Tianjin Hebei region, located along the rest". At the same time, the illegal hunters in knots hiding in the shrub forest, set all kinds of organs, net poaching of wild birds. Migratory birds, is staged a wild bird life and death battle". Into the mountain farmhouse hit "venison" signs a few days ago, bird protection volunteers Liu Yidan rushed to the Jizhou District of Tianjin City, Xia Ying Ying Town village. The "informant" tell her where you can find the poaching of wild birds "on the line". That bird protection volunteers, September 9th, "Legal Daily" reporter Liu Yidan and appointment time and place, the night drove to the camp village. Your town is located in the northern mountainous area of Jizhou District, Jizhou District, the distance is about 20 kilometers away, the town area has Baxianshan mountain forests, secondary forests and the top nine lie in the shrub and forest belt. Abundant natural resources provide a good living condition for the wild animals, and also provide convenience for the local people to develop the tourism industry. The winding mountain road on both sides, not far away is a farmhouse, "venison" signs particularly garish. In the name of a small dragon set catering accommodation as one of the farmhouse door, the reporter stopped dining. Inquiry into the store with venison, female boss said, venison is there hare, sparrows, pheasants, geese, swans eat if you need a reservation, half a day early. It’s a little late today. The waiter is off duty and can’t do it. Heard of geese, swans can end on the table, the reporter with the words surprised, repeatedly determine whether wild. Female boss say, are wild, swan 500 yuan a 150 yuan a pheasant, hare, a 100 yuan, 4 yuan a sparrow. The reporter left the dragons into the farmhouse, Tong Lin Hotel, is 10 pm or so, the hotel has no one to eat, but the male boss said can also fire to cook. Open the menu, the reporter pointed to the above deer, hare, pheasant and venison: "these venison can do now?" Male boss sitting beside the reporter said, now these are not. These venison are false, are the basic culture, really not much venison, venison, wild goose is a lie. Venison restaurant owner told the guests, but as clear as noonday, these.相关的主题文章:

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