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By , November 21, 2017 12:23 am

Why PSVR experience is not the best, but there is such a VR developer faithful? – in a month or so Sohu of science and technology, PSVR will be officially on sale, many fans can’t wait to estimate cable underground good order, waiting for delivery. As early as two months ago, but the effect of the VR experience, in the big head is not the best in the display of the three. However, game developers still have all sorts of reasons, regardless of personal danger to join the PSVR that a long list of developers. "Code 12" game concept design, VR version of the game will be released in October with PSVR together "VR can not only carry out" see Yao? (more called him Yao Yaowan), he immediately said to me, "VR can not only carry out, is an accessory." PSVR to PS4, the equivalent of the mouse to the computer. This view seems to coincide with the characteristics of PSVR – based on host PS4, cheap, handle and helmet can be purchased separately. If PSVR is equivalent to accessories, what attracts many game developers to join? He believes that VR belongs to the big screen, bigger than usual, is the giant screen and ring. Before the big screen entertainment including console games, such as Xbox, PS4, and even the arcade. Get a high quality experience on the big screen. On the other hand, it is a sense of freshness. Good at swimming, Mobile Games appear, let people through the touch screen mobile phone game, these are known as the entrance". On the surface, play mobile phone games people more, the growth rate is very fast, so some people think that Mobile Games is king. But only to bring new experiences. So, VR games and the traditional game is not known, because PSVR must rely on the host, PC VR will rely on high end computer, based on VR can not be divorced from the host or PC alone, "VR just added more fun experience of hardware". Why choose PSVR? Long live game office corner since the VR game is just as a supplement, why would they do this, obviously, this is he and I had the game development experience in Japan, the company also lies in its long live game plan. As the final fantasy series of game developers, host game has been the direction of his return home. Last year to get the development of the SONY PSVR version of the experience of a sea shark let him feel, this thing can do". Later, three VR (Ouclus HTC Vive, head of display, PSVR) has announced the launch of the consumer version, so they decided to developing two host game "Your Toy" (your toys) and "Project 12" (code 12), released with the corresponding PSVR version to a matching game player intensive purchase period. This year, such as the release of "code 12" VR version and "your toys," the host version, may be released next year to counter. Yao Yaowan also admitted that the top ball SONY PSVR using the handle PS Move, from time to time by occlusion, easy to play game player. But he not take it seriously.相关的主题文章:

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