Why is the US election day on Tuesday, November To get to the bottom of this news story. candy boy

By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

Why is the US election day on Tuesday, November? To make it clear – News – a blind voter in Losangeles, with the help of others. Why is the first Monday after Tuesday, while the United States Congress to vote for the election of the president of the electoral college to vote on the first Wednesday in December. In order to ensure that there is no delay, and in 1792 legislation, states that the date of the election of the presidential election must be completed within 34 days before the date. Under such a long time, because the election to the state capital to fulfill the obligations of voting, some very long journey, there is to consider the speed of delivery. In 1845, Congress found that in some cases the first Tuesday of November was likely to be 1, which was more than 34 days on the first Wednesday of December. In order to solve the legal conflict, in 1845, the Federal Parliament for the national election day: the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The election is the case, the state’s primaries and primaries have to follow suit, on Tuesday became the most common election day in the United states. Can not but Tuesday? Because the United States is no longer the agricultural society, traffic inconvenience is no longer the hindering factors, and many people voted Tuesday but affect the normal work, plus the turnout in the United States in recent years has been high, there are a lot of people were calling for change to the polling day on the weekend or holiday. There is a non profit organization, the name is called "why on Tuesday?" (Why Tuesday?), and the local government is committed to promoting the Congress to amend the law to change the voting date, also can improve the convenience of the public vote vote. Hundreds of Americans have voted in advance, in fact, less than two weeks before Election Day (November 8th), millions of Americans have completed the election of the next president of the United States vote. According to the Pugh Research Center (Pew Research Center) new data show that as of October 22nd, has completed about 4000000 votes.相关的主题文章:

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