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By , April 17, 2018 9:01 am

Why is it that male God doesn’t want to talk to you? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: red Goblin 1, secret men of God do not want to talk to you because the letters (a): teacher Hello fairy! I really need your guidance, I have been very fond of you! I think you have a great emotional study! Draw in! I am 28 years old, my boyfriend is 36 years old. Originally intended to get married in May, 14 years, but because during this period, the two sides had a few arguments, the abolition of the engagement. Later, in order to maintain this relationship, and constantly change myself, and better for him, I hope to be able to use practical action to influence him. But maybe I hurt him so much that he couldn’t get through that. So he’s not as good as I was before, and our relationship has been mixed. So, I also adhere to the two and a half years, I love him very much, I don’t want to give up, during this period, he also wanted to give the opportunity, but we always to a problem in the quarrel: he is not willing to talk to me, he felt that he was very tired during the day to work, not much more than the the energy to talk with me again, and I feel tired; I think he more and more don’t care about me, my argument is more and more indifferent. 15 years in November we broke up, he said he was tired… Teacher, you know, I really love him, but I did not know what he was thinking, I don’t know how to get along with him, he always felt I want him to win, but I think I’m in his eyes, live very humble, I don’t want to lose him. Now that we’ve been apart for 3 months, I’ve lived a miserable life. Some time ago we met, and the like, but I want to ask him how he was, and he said I could, in force him, he said I am a good man, he is sorry for me, but not love, do we really have no room to restore it? What should I do if I want to save it? You do not like to reply: you said you in order to maintain this relationship, and constantly improve themselves, I did not see. I can only feel what you call ascension, that is, to kneel lick and pay more attention to each other, so that the other side is more uncomfortable. Communication is not improved, indicating that your content has not been significantly improved. The high value of the outside determines whether you can be together, and the high value of the inner determines how long you spend together. By your description, you can see the excuse to be strong, genuine love, tangled for a problem in the end, regardless of is not wrong, this trait can not give each other to bring comfort. But your narrative ability is very bad, you really don’t like to speak to a man, he will be very annoying. After three months, you’ve been in pain. What are you doing? And to feel the pain, why not go to learn to do some nutritious delicacy, improve your meals, why not go to contact for a long time no see good friends, to drink a cup of coffee and chat, why don’t you go to walk a few kilometers, enjoy the view of the city, and then to read more books to enrich themselves. In order to increase their capital. These are the things that make you live相关的主题文章:

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