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By , November 19, 2017 1:05 am

Who was bitten by a tiger woman talk, who is the enemy? Original title: tiger bite her opinion, don’t bite her. Author: Chunhua occurred July 23rd, tiger bite incident Beijing Badaling wild animal zoo, a female tourists in the area because of things off the tiger was bitten by a tiger, his mother was killed a tiger bite off the rescue. In October 13th, Ms. Zhao injured female tourists through the media sound for the first time, she admitted to have a responsibility to yourself in the incident, but refused to bear responsibility for compensation for the loss of the zoo is only 15%, not satisfied, will sue. This, it was a legal problem, the result, the Internet has been discussed as a character problem. From the portal network survey, the majority of votes against Ms. Zhao accounted for the majority of claims. The result is not what I expected. However, after reading many online discussions, my heart suddenly leapt to chill. The majority view is, "Ms. Zhao claims shameless", called "no face around the world", "kill your mother have the face to shirk responsibility?"…… Hundreds of thousands of news thread, most of the Zhao character irony. And the website, also seems to stand on the side of the majority, multiple scold Zhao’s talk on the news, the most prominent position, guide public opinion. I saw countless pieces of news inside, the parties are worrying again. According to these bite remarks, it seems that Zhao is to claim, and deliberately go to the zoo to die; who will speak for it seems, Zhao, who is the enemy of most people. Beyond justice, and conscience. Even Miss Zhao is wrong, but she is a victim of a heavy price. She lost her mother, disfigured himself; during the period of hospitalization, to make her family from greater blow, was concealed from mother’s death, and think of the negative news she blocked online; after discharge, the family also invited a psychiatrist for her…… For such a person, give the morality of the lions, have a very indifferent heart! From the media reports, Ms. Zhao is indeed fault. But whether or not the zoo is at fault, it is up to the law. "Tort liability law" stipulates: "zoo animals cause damage to others, the zoo shall bear tort liability, but can prove to fulfill the management responsibilities, do not assume responsibility." In this event, the zoo "management" is doing enough, inconclusive, or eloquent keyboard man have never participated in the survey, may not have a fair conclusion. The rescue of the zoo is timely and effective? On the self driving tour can not get off the provisions, whether as airlines prohibit passengers to open the phone as emphasized in place? These issues are the basis for Zhao claims. Moreover, the occurrence of such tragic tragedy, legal proceedings is not only the legitimate rights of citizens is It’s only human.. As for how to make a judgment, the court is that public opinion can be facts and reason, but not the judge took jobs, not to press the parties stick wielding moral self. In view of the network information fragmentation, differences in the quality of Internet users, I have some extreme views are usually not seriously, even think that the normal form is the extreme expression of speech. Wei相关的主题文章:

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