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By , April 16, 2018 7:43 pm

Who let the cross-strait peace dividend (Note: Taiwan stands loss) channel – people.com.cn Taiwan finally failed to attend this to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meeting. This result, a person of common sense of cross-strait relations is not an accident, the accident is a few days Taiwan Foreign Minister Li Dawei said before also optimistic, and this is the reason for optimism, "in a big help". However, the facts have proved once again that if there is no benign interaction between the two sides, any country can not help, or why the United States must always be urged to maintain communication between the two sides? Whether the Cai Yingwen administration can take a closer look at the reality of the world and think twice about the policies of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits is still difficult to have confidence, and that will only make Taiwan continue to suffer and to continue to pay the price. 3 years ago, after 42 years in Taiwan, the name "Chinese Taipei civil aviation authority" to attend the ICAO meeting is hundred-percent obtained from the "92 consensus" of cross-strait peace dividend. In fact, during the period of the Democratic Progressive Party in 2000 after 8 years in power, the United States has repeatedly said that Taiwan would like to see the "meaningful" participation in international organizations, major European countries also hold this attitude. But there is no effect, because it can not pass the mainland. If not 2008 Chinese the ruling Kuomintang, and resume cross-strait institutional consultations in the "92 consensus" basis, there would be no Taiwan exit at the World Health Assembly again after 37 years in the name of Taipei to attend, nor to 42 years later to attend the ICAO, nor to discharge any vice president to attend the APEC the organization (APEC) leaders meeting, also will not reach, not dig any "allies" from Taiwan ", etc.. These are the results of the positive interaction between the two sides of the Taiwan, including the economic benefits of trade outside the mainland of the peace dividend. Since peace dividends are from the 92 consensus, then the Cai Yingwen authorities deny the "92 consensus", the loss of peace dividends can not be avoided. This is not only a reminder issued by the KMT, but also the mainland made a warning in advance. Even if the authorities can defy the Kuomintang Cai, also should not be regarded as, and mistaken by paper tiger, "Pro Japan" to "Anti China", now ICAO finally caused the damage to Taiwan. Quite Democratic Progressive Party media still insisted that in the first principle, ICAO not worth mentioning; or that the KMT is not able to participate in the "pour" caused. According to this logic, the DPP, Cai authorities why to high-profile dissatisfaction and regret not invited? But should be overjoyed, to get rid of the "one" and "pour in". As for the representative of Taiwan to attend the APEC incoming leaders will be reduced and the level of "allies" fear will be backward, Cai, authorities in addition to dissatisfaction, fear is at a loss what to do. In recent months, travel Taiwan visitors by 50% to five, resulting in fear of tourism. In recent years, Taiwan’s semi official foreign trade association held in the mainland boutique exhibition, a lot of benefits, it is difficult to believe in the future will continue to do the mainland. Cai authorities, Democratic Progressive Party is willing to admit that people deny the 92 consensus, the amazing price? (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

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