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By , November 17, 2017 10:51 pm

Which city property market still have investment value of the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Hongwei to move round first-tier cities, second tier core city first, the property market has a cyclical high, the property market will enter a period of adjustment. For the rapid rise in Changsha, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Ji’nan, Chongqing and other cities, there are still investment value can be found, but after the next round of rising prices will also enter the cycle of high. Which city property market still have investment value of Annie Yi Poetry: since the night afraid of death, alive and what? This sentence and then extend it, for the property market, since investment in Suzhou are not afraid, Xiamen Hangzhou property purchase and what? This may be a true portrayal of the current property market investment mentality. According to the Hangzhou municipal housing security and Housing Authority news, to further promote the city’s real estate market stable and healthy development, according to the general requirements of the national classification regulation, the policies applied by the city ", combined with the actual situation of the real estate market in Hangzhou City, the municipal government decided, in our city since September 19th since the implementation of property purchase restrictions. Restriction policy is clear, within the scope of the purchase of urban renewal in Hangzhou to have 1 sets of housing and more than the city’s non resident households to sell housing, including new commodity housing and second-hand housing. After the purchase of the property market in Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou property market finally landed! Although the purchase of the property market policy for the main city of Hangzhou, and mainly for the city’s household registration, the intensity is not large, but these signs indicate that the core of second tier cities began to tighten the policy phase. So, why the second tier cities have begun to restart the purchase of the property market policy? The reason is very simple, the core of the second tier cities to restart the purchase is mainly to limit speculative investment demand. According to the investment logic, where investment returns, investment funds will flow to where the current point of view, the core of the second city housing prices are expected to remain, this investment approach is still profitable, it has become a very important reason for investment continued to approach the second tier city building core. In addition, unlike in the past, investment is not limited to investment in the city, with the city market fundamentals recovery process, investment funds according to different characteristics of the city began in the city between different rotation, investment funds wheeled to further promote the city’s property market in different heat warming, various the city can be formed between the moving round rise situation. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei think, according to the different stages of market development, the characteristics of the different investment site, will this year entering the characteristics of the division of property investment into three stages: the first stage, the basic for the first quarter of this time period, investment in first-tier cities and part of the core city as the center, the subject of investment the basic quality of the city project, investment in various sectors, to seek the value of depression, in order to get a good return on investment; the second stage, the basic is 4-7 month this time, investment began in first-tier cities around the city round, non residential investment has also become a covered object, the scope of activities in a basic)相关的主题文章:

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