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By , April 9, 2018 11:16 am

Where did the man sing "guerrilla" in the crescent Hanoi with the police? A man suddenly went down the river. No matter how the citizens and the police on the shore were persuaded, the man refused to go ashore. A number of police under the river congestion, men and police "guerrilla", eventually exhausted to be dragged on the shore. At about 16:00 yesterday, a man suddenly jumped down the river in Hanoi, near the intersection of Wan Yi Road and Lanfeng road. A number of people and police came to the back of the man. The man on the bank shouted to the man in the river to make him go ashore, and the man not only did not listen to the river center. According to the onlookers, men have a good water nature, shuttle back and forth in the crescent Hanoi, and even swim across the cross – river railway bridge. In the meantime, the firefighters arrived, evacuating the crowd and intercepting the shore to prevent men from escaping. Seeing that persuasion failed, many policemen carried the rescue equipment under the river, trying to encirclement men from both sides of the river, but unexpectedly, the men and the police "guerrilla" and used the width of the river to get rid of the police. After spending more than an hour in the river, most of the physical exertion was consumed by the man. In order to ensure the safety of men’s lives, the police in the water rushed the men again, and put the life buoy on the other side to pull the man to the shore. After more than 10 minutes of rest on the shore, the man was taken away by the police. As for why men put on this scene, the present reason is under investigation.

男子在月牙河内与民警“打游击” 唱的哪出戏?   一名男子突然下河,不管岸上的市民和民警如何劝说,男子始终不肯上岸。多名民警下河围堵,男子与民警“打游击”,最终筋疲力尽被拖上岸。   昨天16:00左右,万意路与兰峰道交口附近的月牙河内,一名男子突然跳下河。紧随男子后面赶来多名群众和民警,岸上的人朝河里的男子喊话令其上岸,男子不但不听还游向河中心。   据围观市民介绍,男子水性不错,在月牙河内来回穿梭,甚至游向了跨河铁路桥下。其间,消防员赶到,一边疏散群众,一边在岸上拦截,防止男子逃走。见劝说无果,多名民警携带救生设备下河,试图从河道两边围堵男子,不料男子与民警“打游击”,利用河道的宽度摆脱民警。男子在河中耗了一个多小时后,体力消耗大半,为了保证男子生命安全,水中的民警再次向男子“冲锋”,给对方套上救生圈后将男子拉上岸。在岸边休息了10多分钟后,男子被民警带走。至于男子为何上演这一幕,目前原因正在调查中。相关的主题文章:

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