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By , November 19, 2017 1:04 am

When the baby is bullied, parents should do this – when the mother and child of Sohu is still small, mom and dad to protect them particularly well, so do not worry about the child’s injuries. But to the kindergarten age, the children will be exposed to more and more people, if not accompanied by their parents, may be bullied by others. What should you do if you find that your child is being bullied? First, parents should not do 1 immediately if the children involved in bullying, perhaps because of possible misunderstanding, who is right and who is wrong and not so obvious. Mom and dad have been bullied in the child, do not help children with noisy people, it is best to try to mediate disputes, understand why it happened, so we can know whether the child really bullied, what is the reason of being bullied. 2 blindly blame the child was bullied, mom and dad do not immediately criticize the child, because it may cause the child to be wronged for no reason at all. If Mom and dad do not know the specific circumstances of the time blindly criticize the child, which will make the child very sad. 3 children have always harbored a noisy downtown is very normal, mom and dad must know who is to make mistakes, do not blindly go to the wrong person, do not blindly for the children to justify this shield may affect the growth of children. 4 kids "revenge" children are bullied, mom and dad do not help children to "revenge" to deal with it correctly, the little things in the school can ask the teacher to help social events to find the police, can not arbitrarily take revenge on others. 5 children "tit for tat" children are bullied, parents can not educate their children, "tit for tat" this will let the children become is not divided. Two, the parents how to deal with the 1 sort through all the sequence of events if their children make mistakes, to encourage children to admit mistakes, if the child is bullied by a party, mom and dad are on this matter of regulation, when necessary, can let the teacher participate in. 2 a fair attitude to deal with things not because of their own children, they blame or protecting children, it will affect the growth of children. 3 teach children to learn to seek help in the school can find things to find a teacher to help, if you go to the community should let the police to help coordinate, this is the right to protect their own basic practice. Mom and dad to pay attention to the bullying things, timely distraction of children’s heart depressed, it will make the psychological impact on children. — — more parenting knowledge, parent-child topic, award interactive login baby zone website access相关的主题文章:

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