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By , November 19, 2017 1:10 am

The most beautiful scenery in the world is Hangzhou – Sohu travel from September 4, 2016 to 5, the G20 summit held in West Lake, China, which is China’s first summit held in Hangzhou. Through this summit, let the world know that in the vast land of China, there is such a beautiful city – Hangzhou. Hangzhou, West Lake, as the most famous scenic spots in Hangzhou, has also been known by the world. West Lake is famous for its unique natural scenery and profound cultural heritage, since ancient times has attracted many men for men of literature and writing in literature, also left a lot of famous and ancient books. Bai Juyi South tour has issued a recall of the south, the most is the Hangzhou sigh. The water in West Lake is beautiful, enchanting. No wind West Lake jingruchuzi, soft as silk. The blue sky in West Lake calm waters is very moving, the lake and the sky makes it difficult to distinguish all blend into one harmonious whole, which is the day, which is the lake. The water of West Lake is more beautiful. West Lake, all year round to see the beautiful flowers. "Peach" and "summer lotus" "autumn" Guangxi "Dongmei", each season the flowers are greet visitors come in the limelight, floral aroma, beautiful. The name "West Lake" was first started in the Tang dynasty. The Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo Shou hang, he wrote a poem to praise: "West Lake good Shuiguang glittering sunny side. The rain kept empty mountains are strange. To the West Lake than the West as woman’s light and heavy make-up." The poet to create new styles compare West Lake to China’s ancient legends of beauty beauty, so that West Lake has a "West Lake" name. For some early to enjoy West Lake tourists, on the West Lake legend, the tour route, recommended a series of beauty should have a preliminary understanding. In the play before, download a tour of the West Lake mobile phone client is very necessary, West Lake West Lake play network as a one-stop information center, here, West Lake network will not only provide you the detailed introduction of the West Lake scenic area, to let you know about the history of West Lake, but also the snare on the West Lake classic delicacy, intimate for your trip to do reasonable planning, avoid the waste of time. Here, the West Lake network will also hold a number of small events, active participation in the event, the prize can easily income capsule. Learn more please visit our company website "West Lake mobile phone network. Mobile phone or scan the QR code, in order to give you a trip to West Lake to bring more convenience and good memories, then to scan two-dimensional code below to join our West Lake family.相关的主题文章:

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