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By , May 3, 2018 1:24 am

Wenger Mourinho Blues swing Coach: why Arsenal losing champions 1-3? Not race war Wenger Mourinho ahead against the first Tencent April 25th sports news this Sunday, the premier (micro-blog project) will usher in the Arsenal (data) vs Chelsea (data) and the top London Derby war, before the game, Mourinho and Wenger the old friends again to slobber war, Wenger ridiculed Chelsea will only put the bus on the defensive after the win, Mourinho immediately counterattack: defense is a technology, if Arsenal will, will not be in the Champions League (micro-blog project) 1-3 Monaco lost home court. Two Chelsea striker Costa and Drogba (micro-blog) are injured in Sunday’s game, Chelsea will almost certainly take defensive tactics, and the two time Mourinho coached Chelsea are known to focus on defense, especially in the face of strong offensive team, the total is put on bus tactics, this also let Chelsea suffer a lot criticism. But always attacking Wenger is to sniff at Mourinho’s tactics, and declared that defense is an easy thing to do, in this regard, Mourinho immediately made simple and brutal (telegraph word) counter. Mourinho said: "the defense is not an easy thing, if it is easy, you will not be in the home court 1-3 lost to Monaco, if his defense is very good, he will be in the home court to draw 0-0 with Monaco, then win promotion in Monte carlo. Therefore, the defense is not an easy thing." Chelsea is currently 10 points ahead of Arsenal in the league, winning in Mourinho was relaxed at a news conference on Friday: "we started from the first round is the best team, we want to be in the final round is the best team." These two days, Zidane praised Zal is expected to take over Messi (micro-blog blog data) C Ronaldo (micro-blog data), so the media stir Real Madrid (data) intends to acquire Belgian genius, Mourinho shook his head: "we just rejected the possibility of a new contract and he signed, we did not take the gun to his head forced him to sign." Obviously, besides Fabregas, key to the Premier League this season the best hot play of Zal also decided that a London derby defeat, when Wenger was asked why not buy a Zal in 2012, Professor Kuxiao admitted that it was financial reasons: "I did not regret, because we were in finance could not get so much money, he is too expensive." (Fei Yi)

温格批蓝军摆大巴 穆帅:为何枪手欧冠输1-3?未赛先开战温格穆帅提前交手 腾讯体育4月25日讯 本周日,英超(微博 专题) 将迎来阿森纳(数据 )vs切尔西(数据)的伦敦德比兼榜首大战,赛前,穆里尼奥和温格这对老冤家又继续展开口水战,在温格嘲讽切尔西只会摆大巴靠防守赢球后,穆里尼奥马上反击:防守也是一门技术,阿森纳要是会的话,就不会在欧冠(微博 专题) 主场输摩纳哥1-3了。 切尔西两大前锋科斯塔和德罗巴(微博)都有伤在身,周日的比赛切尔西几乎肯定会采取防守反击战术,而穆里尼奥两次执教切尔西都以注重防守著称,特别是面对进攻火力强劲的球队,蓝军总是摆出大巴战术,这也让切尔西遭致不少批评。而一向崇尚进攻的温格更是对穆帅的战术嗤之以鼻,并且宣称防守是一件容易的事,对此,穆里尼奥马上作出简单而粗暴(电讯报用词)的反击。 穆里尼奥说:“防守并不是一件容易的事,如果那很容易,你就不会在主场1-3输给摩纳哥,如果他的防守很好,他就可以在主场以0-0战平摩纳哥,然后在蒙特卡洛取胜晋级。因此,防守并不是一件容易的事。” 目前切尔西在联赛领先阿森纳10分,夺冠在望的穆帅在周五的新闻发布会上很放松:“我们从第一轮开始就是最好的球队,我们想要在最后一轮也是最好的球队。”这两天齐达内盛赞阿扎尔有望接班梅西(微博 博客 数据)C罗(微博 数据) ,媒体因此爆炒皇马(数据) 打算收购比利时天才,穆帅摇头否决这个可能性:“我们刚和他续签了新合同,我们没有拿枪指着他的头逼他签。” 很显然,除了法布雷加斯外,本赛季英超各项最佳大热阿扎尔的发挥也是决定这场伦敦德比胜负的关键,当温格被问到为何在2012年没有买下阿扎尔时,教授苦笑着承认,那还是财政上的原因:“我并没有很后悔,因为当时我们在财政上拿不出这么多钱,他太贵了。” (飞翼)相关的主题文章:

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