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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

WeChat " l " collective "   naked " single brush cancer since the media credibility — public opinion channel hit — people.com.cn original title: brush single hit from the media credibility of cancer lyrical National Day holiday approaching, a number of people from the media, but yesterday has undergone a number of public – Single brush tool cannot bear to think of the past collapse. The day before yesterday night, the news quickly spread in the brush single industry chain. Soon, people find themselves on some of the hundreds of "100 thousand +" reading from the media, marketing, a time like the head "mirror", push the amount of reading sent plummeted, beaten back to the hundreds of thousands. WeChat "large" collective "naked" you don’t go to the public number to see the brush number before and after reading the amount of contrast, you this is the destruction of the scene of the crime." Yesterday, a science and technology industry practitioners in the circle of friends is can’t help laughing speech. All originated in the night before the day of the public brush brush tool collective collapse of the message – I heard that tonight is the number of marketing and the number of soft text of the storm, because the brush is the tool is said to be bad. Folks, take a look at the big names you pay attention to or advertise the big ones." The news spread on the Internet after second days, it was found that many WeChat large is the prototype: a surname technology from media people public, for example, on weekdays, the average amount of reading each article is twenty thousand to thirty thousand yesterday morning, the public number push a new article sent out, a few hours later, the amount of reading is only a few hundred. The Lee from the media had previously claimed in the public number, the number of people reading the public has reached 1 million. Many users have to go to the public, after hearing the crowd, before noon, the reading volume reached 1000, which also led to remind people onlookers readers "black humor not destroy the scene". Caught in the amount of brush reading is not just a large WeChat. In a number of public Tencent WeChat technology produced reading several comparative table, "almighty bear", "Financial Street customers", "Wang Guanxiong" and other media have been named, and have been drying out in contrast to the past week the average amount of reading and reading the yesterday. If the first thing in the group of friends to ask for the red package forwarding the money to bring a single brush, broken into thousands of minutes into the big V ah." A number of public operators jokingly comment. "Underwear" were stripped off to see the "naked" big long what kind, suddenly feel the small amount of reading actually is quite high, and a large shoulder feeling." Since the media people say Ms. xie. "Cat and mouse" fear will continue to side one high screen, a closer look, the big screen is composed of dozens of mobile phone and mobile phone are used, each data line is connected with the background, and through the computer centralized control — in yesterday’s micro-blog, a few are interpreted as "decryption artificial scalping the picture was friends crazy turn. In fact, some of the number of public reading WeChat water exists, has been an open secret in the industry. Taobao search on WeChat brush reading volume and other keywords, the reporter saw a lot of WeChat brush to read the amount of brush powder相关的主题文章:

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