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By , April 17, 2018 8:56 am

WeChat can not read the amount of brush   the tide receded who is swimming naked? Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: WeChat can not brush the amount of reading the tide receded who is swimming naked? "When the tide to know who is swimming naked." In September 28th, 29, WeChat suffered a public number amount of reading "Waterloo", the amount of reading headlines from the manuscript has been down to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of. Some friends broke the news that the number of clicks of the public to brush the amount of tools to collapse, to remind the majority of users to see some of the public’s big real face, a time triggered hot friends. Yesterday, WeChat official issued a response to the matter. This response is mentioned, recently there are people to reflect the public "brush", and the "kill" the amount of brush platform is a kind of "technical antagonism". Tencent said: "as the platform to grow, to read the amount of brush, brush like the number of points has become a mature black chain, technology confrontation between the platform and the black industry chain has always existed, and constantly upgrade. However, the technology against such difficult one to solve all the problems, "cat and mouse fighting game will continue for quite a long period of time, we will continue to strengthen the technical means to ensure the true and fair platform." There have been a specific amount of media exposure brush reading price: 1000 yuan to read the volume of text reading and reading, the original amount of reading is 15 yuan, the amount of 40 yuan to forward the share of the 100, WeChat fans the top quality of 20 yuan of 500 powder 100. Insiders to the global network technology said that WeChat big data on V fraud, the operator and the platform to platform initially cannot do without thousands on thousands of operators, but from the beginning of supervision, which let things drift, benefit. After the wind damage to ecology and resort to deceit, water, and bottom. It is a start, otherwise bad money drives out good money, the platform will be lopsided. The source also said that the public number of data fraud made public, influence of fraud, operators will bear the brunt of the short-term business is at a standstill, the operation team faced pressure. Followed by the public relations company, busy with the requirements of the party to cut down the number of programs in the launch, the budget costs greatly reduced, profits will be reduced. Then the bubble is chasing investors, false data made artificially high valuation, investment concerns vanish like soap bubbles. The last is keen to party a nouveau riche drift hate teeth itch, boss, PR cold sweat, to vote or not to vote. Content is king, I believe the purification environment, standing on the same starting line, with the quality of the original content of the public will win the number of readers and market recognition. Independent telecommunications analyst Fu Liang to the global network of science and technology, an article can not explain the problem, near the hot and forwarded, may be significantly higher, may also be "highbrow", not hot, the title is not to attract attention, less amount of reading. Many netizens bluntly, the reader is estimated to be less concerned about, but the author of the pit is the advertising business. A pile of WeChat public number is not relying on the quality content of the brush out of data to meet the boss’s Internet dream, wake up now. WeChat team responded as follows: this morning, some people continue to reflect to us the public number brush amount problem. We are here to make such a problem相关的主题文章:

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