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By , April 10, 2018 8:45 pm

Wang Yiwei: "Belt and Road Initiative" Chinese wisdom Wang Yiwei: senior researcher, China Academy of Social Sciences, senior research fellow at the Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of Finance for Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, a senior fellow at the Wang Yiwei -27 in September 26th, "International Symposium on The Belt and Road" was held in Shaanxi Xi’an, the meeting adopted "1+3" mode of innovation seminar, more than 300 Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, scholars, media published a in-depth exchange of views, copolymerization. After the three sub forum issued a "media consensus", "enterprise cooperation agreement", "think tank Manifesto". China Academy of Social Sciences, a senior fellow at the Renmin University of China Chongyang Finance Research Institute senior researcher Wang Yiwei entitled "" Belt and Road Initiative "Chinese wisdom" speech, the following is the speech: era pattern, pattern needs great wisdom. The Europeans created by globalization, those ideas may be stretched mode. Now face a lot of problems, rely on the original model that is difficult to solve, so the "The Belt and Road" is to solve the problems facing the world problem. If it cannot be solved, there is no meaning. Can not solve, look at how to show the wisdom of China, the wisdom behind the wisdom of the international wisdom revealed. I wrote two books, one is "The Belt and Road" opportunities and challenges, the world is. We say that the world is a pass, there is the wisdom of China and the Chinese traditional way of thinking. Division is now more and more fine, but the problem is a comprehensive, systematic. "Belt and Road Initiative" is a cultural and economic, religious and political aspects of the discipline, requires interdisciplinary thinking, and the world Chinese problem research "The Belt and Road" and "The Belt and Road" bearing. From the "The Belt and Road" words, there are a lot of wisdom inside China. Many people ask, the road can understand, what is called? The belt is the Chinese model or the Chinese Economic Development Zone, which is connected with the road in china. Is to say: the Tao gave birth to a life of two, two, three, three things. Why mention the road? Chinese people have a plan to get rich first road. China to do this, other developing countries can not reach, this is China’s development experience. Today is about the Silk Road in twenty-first Century, not only the ancient Silk Road replication, the new Silk Road, interoperability, from the name can be seen that there are a lot of Chinese wisdom. African friends said yesterday, why they have developed so many years, infrastructure is short board, the road did not repair, and even the two African countries to turn to Paris, in order to go to the opposite? Because they’re not connected. So China engaged in the triple play in Africa, so that interoperability between them. Keywords Belt and Road Initiative "is connected, intra African trade accounted for 15%, most of the trade with the outside, connecting up. Today, we need to connect them, to engage in infrastructure, the low-end industrial chain solution, China to help them achieve. Jointly sharing, embodies the Chinese play. The most important thing is the Chinese model. Developed countries have repeatedly emphasized the market, the backward countries in accordance with the market will always be less than financing. China Liang相关的主题文章:

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