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By , November 18, 2017 1:50 am

Vivo X7 the night self depth of experience: very soft lights "net red" – Sohu said digital self night we are likely to face, an embarrassed expression, indeed, the light is always be inopportune or inappropriate not shoot the ideal picture. Even before some mobile phone brand has launched a night light, but the light glare always makes us feel not natural. Do not have a mobile phone at night to get it? Don’t worry, take a look at the picture below: you may be wondering, what is the mobile phone that has such a good night imaging capability? Well, with the debut of the first beauty, the following officially opened today’s theme -vivo X7 night self detail. May we all know, vivo X7 is this year’s best-selling models, this machine uses a Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor, with 4GB+64GB memory, equipped with 5.2 inches 1080P Full HD Super AMOLED screen, thin, high color value, the traditional elements of Hi-Fi three vivo X7 vivo is still in the body is obvious show. Of course, vivo X7 features a 16 million pixel front camera self timer + soft beauty technology, and more self night is the best way to test the effect of self mobile phone. 1 night light environment, vivo how to deal with X7? Night self timer, the most common scene is a weak light environment, which is the most difficult to get the link of many mobile phones. Even if the front flash is turned on, the harsh light will bring an unnatural and bright shot. Vivo X7 is equipped with a Moonlight soft light, remember is soft lights front, not flash. The lamp is not only to solve the problem of light taking pictures at night, but also provides the simulation studio Apple light, let your self up, the light effect is more uniform, more beautiful skin ruddy. The next second beautiful debut, to show you how beautiful the night light environment. Vivo X7 of weak light on the specimen, we can see that the surrounding environment is very dark, but the beauty of the face to the light is enough. But slightly red, naturally sweet, not the kind of forced flash white do not know if you read, do you feel? The 2 night backlight environment, taking pictures of the camera is taboo based user may know, no matter what the camera shooting tools are not the best light, because it is easy to appear normal background exposure, prospects underexposed. But has a strong Moonlight vivo X7 soft light does not seem to be very afraid of this situation, proofs can give you a good answer. Because the night self rarely appear very strong light, the above vivo X7 shooting proofs belong to the negative side. In this context, Moonlight vivo X7 equipped with soft lights provide simulation studio Apple light, just like living in a professional studio, professional lighting engineers with professional lighting technology, make full use of light, light, scattering and diffraction techniques, sketched out facial features clear and mellow by staff shooting, modified cover the skin defect.相关的主题文章:

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