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By , November 19, 2017 1:07 am

Beijing – VIDEO – the world economic forum’s global competitiveness report: Chinese Hongkong ranked ninth in the world economic forum’s global competitiveness report: China ranked ninth in Hongkong science and technology innovation is weak [comment] the world economic forum published in September 28th 2016 to 2017 annual global competitiveness report, China Hongkong ranked ninth, representing a decrease of two, but for fifth consecutive years ranked the first ten. The report refers to the Hongkong in terms of infrastructure to score first in the world, in the commodity market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market development, technology readiness etc. are among the world’s top five, but the innovation of science and technology is weak, only ranked twenty-seventh. Hongkong ranked lowest in the market size of thirty-third. Since 1979, the world economic forum has released its annual report on global competitiveness, which has studied twelve competitive factors of the 138 economies, including system, infrastructure and macroeconomic environment. Switzerland for eight consecutive years was named the world’s most competitive place, Singapore ranked the top in the Asia Pacific region, ranking the top five in the United States, Holland and germany. From a regional perspective, East Asia and the Pacific region over the past ten years, the trend of development of competitiveness is gratifying, the region’s participation in the ranking of the 15 economies, the competitiveness index of the 13 economies have improved. Japan ranked eighth, Taiwan, China ranked fourteenth, South Korea ranked in the mainland for the first time in China for the past three years, ranked as the top twenty-eighth in the last year of the year by the year of twenty-sixth. Mainland China ranked first in the world in terms of market size, ranked eighth in the global economic environment. Reporter Zheng Xing Hongkong reports相关的主题文章:

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