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By , July 25, 2018 6:49 am

UnCategorized You can’t be a public relations professional and ignore these trends. 1.Many newspapers and magazines have moved online, many of them are now strictly online. 2.News outlets are merging. 3.New media is here to stay and is fast becoming a leading outlet for telling your story. Everyone and their dog is blogging. Search engine optimization is common place in the corporate world and your constantly hearing about YouTube, Facebook, and Digg. A strong social networking campaign can set you apart from your competition and promote your company to new markets. PR specialists can improve their companies online image. First, let’s address blogging. Blogs websites posting regular article, photo, or video entries, often on a specific subject. Technorati, one of the largest search engines for blogs, is tracking well over a 100 million blogs. Google even has a specialized blog search. The fact is blogging has become mainstream and its here to stay. But what does this have to do with public relations? Everything. Bloggers are like citizen journalists and report a wide variety of information to targeted audiences. Some of these blogs describe personal experiences, others feature specialized industry news. The key for a public relations professional is to reach the blogs that bring your audience the added value that can come from these outlets. The public relations specialist is usually also in charge of the corporate blog ensuring that it remains relevant, addresses market trends, reaches out to other influential blogs in your market. Many times the public relations professional will also focus on other online public relationsstrategies, such as social networking and social booking marking. Another popular social media strategies is podcasting. Podcasting includes online streaming and broadcasting of video or audio messages. Both types can be used to promote problems and suggest solutions. Unlike most traditional public relations tactics, podcasting is measurable. You can easily tell how many people are downloading your podcasts. By capitalizing on these new media outlets, your public relations professional can improve your online presence and maximize the effectiveness of your companys communications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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