Two thousand people in the middle of the night was bitten by the dog disease prevention and control k-boxing

By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

Two thousand people were bitten by the dog in the middle of the disease prevention and control issued a reminder reminder – Sohu news Beijing times (reporter Ma Jinfeng) recently, the city of Chaoyang District in the vicinity of the case appeared in the case of a number of stray dog bites people. Yesterday, the city CDC announced that during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday just past, the dog injury toll reached more than 2 thousand people. For the upcoming National Day holiday, people Zouqinfangyou, go out to play more, increase the contact and wounded by dogs and dogs with strange chance. City CDC issued 4 rabies prevention and control reminder: 1 recommendations from stray dogs, do not close contact with cats, dogs and other pets, in particular, do not let pets lick people’s mouth, eyes and other mucous membranes. 2 rabies is preventable and controllable, if it is unknown the health status of the dog bite, don’t have chances of rabies immunization should be promptly to the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission designated the prevention clinic to receive professional treatment, prevent the occurrence of rabies. 3 there are two kinds of rabies vaccination program, the first program is referred to as the 5 needle procedures: zeroth days (the first dose vaccination day) and third days, seventh days, fourteenth days, twenty-eighth days after inoculation, 1 agents; second procedures referred to as 4 needle procedures: zeroth dose 2 days, seventh days, twenty-first days after the 1 agent. These two procedures are recognized by the WHO effective procedures. For those who are seriously injured, they must be vaccinated with Rabies Antisera or rabies immunoglobulin. When the wild dog bites or wounding dogs have abnormal performance, should take the initiative to explain the situation to the doctor. The city currently has 115 rabies immune prevention clinic, and a list of addresses and telephone numbers of outpatient can log Beijing health information network, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention website or call 12320 Beijing public health hotline. 4 calls for the dog man dog, dogs to regular vaccination, should not be abandoned, hurt others to avoid stray dog events.相关的主题文章:

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