Two people in the same section of a series of pengci resist arrest unexpectedly crashed Beijing poli happynewyear

By , November 14, 2017 10:03 pm

Two people in the same section of a series of "pengci" resist arrest unexpectedly crashed Beijing police – Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Liu Guannan Shen Wanting) two men division, a man hailed ", a" diving ", in Panyu District the same section of a series of" pengci". The victim was found after the police, two people tried to hit the police car to escape. Recently, the Panyu District people’s court sentenced the fraud. Bicycle car pengci jointly built August 22, 2015 at 2 pm, Mr. Tan run transport of goods to Jinlong Road and driving Ling Road side, see the front of a black car slowly driving, when Mr. Tan to overtake, the car suddenly accelerated and his car alongside, then, Mr. Tan was found in front of a bicycle is the face to his coming, Mr. Tan to brake and stop. At this time, the black car from the right before Mr. Tan up and opened the window as he said he hit people, Mr. Tan turned back and saw a man sitting on the ground with his head, beside a bicycle, the front wheel is pressed askew. Mr. Tan parked the car down and asked the man what happened and will not help him, black car drivers also follow the U-turn over looked at it and turn left off. Man asked to go to the hospital to check the bike, Mr. Tan was ready to pull the man in the nearest hospital. Open to the half, the man said to Mr. Tan hit him is not to stop the accident is to escape the police, asked the public or private Tan, Tan agreed to private. The man broke the phone and other reasons to ask for compensation of 10 thousand yuan, Mr. Tan considered unlucky, put up a $10 thousand to the man in the two. After a few days later, in the early morning of August 24th, Mr. tan on the road encountered the same black car at slow speed, decided to follow the car runs slowly, when the Jinlong Road intersection and Ling Bian saw that bicyclists feel right, then alarm. Fraud is found to resist arrest unexpectedly hit police on September 8, 2015 at 1 pm, police investigators showed that the identity of the suspected pengci to defraud money Luo Moumou 2 arrest, Luo Moumou forced its driving car reversing, crashing behind the police docked in public service vehicles, open about 1 meters far, the official car serious damage deformation. See this situation, the public security officers resolutely implement forced arrest, the two intercepted. According to another defendant Cai Moumou confession, and Luo Moumou met in the detention center, was released from prison after the partnership to ride a bike in the form of money to traffic accidents. Luo Moumou responsible for driving in front of the vehicle barrier, Cai Moumou riding beside the overtaking vehicle deliberately down, then take the injured to the hospital and the mobile phone was damaged to repair costs in the name of the driver to cheat money. Have rich experience of deception Luo Moumou also told Cai Moumou with the driver to talk about the price, to call myself, I will talk with the driver of posing as police, two people with this method, 2 cases of crime, fraud 1 yuan. Panyu court held that the defendant Luo Moumou, Cai Moumou constitute fraud; Luo Moumou also constitutes a crime of obstruction of public service. In view of the defendant Luo Moumou, Cai Moumou has been sentenced to imprisonment for intentional crimes, penalty execution.相关的主题文章:

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