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By , November 19, 2017 1:04 am

Two 90 mother opened a poison lying side while breastfeeding Beijing drug abuse – Sichuan news network, August 26th news (reporter Yu Kaiyang Pan Xiangcheng) while holding the lactation month old child, smoked methamphetamine exchange with dolls experience…… Recently, Dazhou Tongchuan District Xicheng police cracked a drug dens, 5 drug addicts were arrested on site, so the site is unbelievable, there were two young mother breastfeeding also involved, the scene shocked the police. It is understood that in the morning, Tongchuan District police received a clue, someone just to buy a lot of ice into a hotel. Police immediately launched a further investigation and found that men and women have entered the room after the suspect. Just go in there are two holding a child’s mother, is not wrong yo." According to the site Dunshou police, after the discovery of this situation, the police also suspect the wrong place. After a while, the police entered the scene investigation, found a total of 5 men and women are using homemade methamphetamine drug tools, including two young women while breast-feeding a few months old child side drug. Police immediately according to the law will be 5 drug addicts summoned to the police station for investigation. The investigation, 5 drug addicts were Jia Moumou (female, 20 years old, Dalcheon District), Zhao (female, 25 years old, Bazhong people), xiaomou (male, 25 years old, Tongchuan District), Moumou (male, 25 years old, Xuanhan county) and Moumou (male officer 27 years old, Xuanhan County). Among them, Jia Moumou and xiaomou, Zhao Moumou and marital relationship, 5 urine test showed positive. According to Zhao Jia, two people before they explained, is "good friends", because children are not met for a long time. The same day, their friends, so in the invitation to the scene, "party", although that is to use drugs, but was pleased to go. Because the child has no one to take care of, so take the child to take drugs. To the scene after the officer took methamphetamine to entertain his friends Moumou, Zhao Jia two people could not wait to suck it up. During the two children crying incessantly, then the two side of drug abuse, while giving only a few months old children breast-feeding, but also to communicate breastfeeding experience. At present, official suspects Moumou suspicion of shelter or other drug, has been Tongchuan police detention law. Jia Zhao two people, when Dad xiaomou and Li Moumou administrative detention according to law, when the mother Jia Moumou and Zhao was in lactation, was sentenced to administrative detention not to execute the punishment.相关的主题文章:

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