Today afternoon welcome return peak Jiangsu three bridge across the river to escape the congestion –

By , April 10, 2018 8:42 pm

Today afternoon welcome return peak Jiangsu three bridge across the river to escape the congestion – Beijing traffic from the province yesterday, although the rain, but the majority of the province’s highway traffic is normal. Compared with the highway, many sections of the city of Nanjing city road is still relatively congested. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday the last day, the traffic control to remind people, at half past two in the afternoon will usher in the return peak, the province three bridge across the river will still remind drivers to congestion, wrong peak travel, in order to avoid congestion. High speed does not block the city is still blocked yesterday morning, affected by the rainy weather, Jiangsu Province, there are still a number of high-speed road accident. In the S85 Chang Li Expressway Liyang section from Liyang to Changzhou direction 0 kilometers, Yangli high-speed Yangzhou to Liyang direction to Chang Li ramp, a truck rollover accident occurred, causing traffic was interrupted. In addition, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed G2 Ning section from Shanghai to Beijing direction 1018 km van turned into the edge of the accident, the same impact on traffic. Jiangsu traffic police told reporters that the Jiangsu Expressway yesterday as a whole, normal, steady flow, affected by rainfall, some of the high-speed road section of the implementation of the temporary speed limit measures. Compared to the high-speed road smoothly, the city of Nanjing road is still a lot of congestion, and more concentrated in the main channel of the city, such as the South Bridge to the elevated bridge, ring road, Nanjing Hangzhou, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed ramp to the bridge connecting line to Zhongshan Gate Cemetery Road ramp, Central Road, Xinmo Fan Road North to south, the whole morning in the car amble state. Today afternoon welcome return peak three bridge 10 sections will be difficult for car traffic sources, at two o’clock this afternoon, the province’s high speed will gradually usher in the return peak. After the main flow direction from west to East, from north to South direction. Nanjing bridge, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge 3 bridge across the river, the Beijing Shanghai G2 G42 Shanghai Chengdu Expressway Wuxi Suzhou line, G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway in Wuxi section of Taizhou, Shaanxi Beijing Shanghai G2 G40 Shanghai Taizhou Expressway Yangzhou segment, G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway in Yangzhou section of Huaian, G15w Taiwan Highway Suzhou section and G15 Shen Hai Expressway in Suzhou Nantong, S29 salt Jing highway Taizhou section, G25 long deep highway Xuyi section (from north to South), S49 Xinyang Expressway Huaian section (from north to South), G36 Ningluo highway Nanjing section 10 key highway sections will appear the phenomenon of vehicles amble. Return peak, September 17th 17:00-18:00 around Nanjing city Ningluo speed easy to congestion, around the city of Suzhou 16:00-20:00 Beijing Shanghai high-speed, high-speed 15:00-18:00, 16:00-19:00 Shen speed easy to jam. Three road accident prone need to be reminded that Nanjing has three high-speed road accident prone, because the rain still exists, to remind the return riders must notice, to maintain a safe speed, not speeding, change. 1, Shanghai Chengdu high-speed: Shanghai Chengdu high-speed Shanghai Nanjing direction of 274 kilometers are continuous bend and downhill; 278 kilometers to Andrew G2相关的主题文章:

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