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By , April 15, 2018 12:22 pm

To wear a "Mask" air sampler Xi’an officials were taken scene map of Xi’an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Changan District monitoring station stationmaster secretly steal computer monitoring and interception of key staff repeatedly sneaked into the station password, blocked sampler with cotton, interference of air quality data acquisition of Changan Environmental Protection Bureau, monitoring station, deputy director of the air sampler was taken away by the police. This is a real-time monitoring of air quality, as Changan District state monitoring tube station, allow any person shall enter without. However, the principal officials of the Xi’an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Changan, for their own performance considerations, and remember the password stealing Key Duplication Service, blocked sampler with cotton yarn, resulting in abnormal data, caused by China environmental monitoring center of attention. After the police investigation, the current staff have been detained in the detention center. April 2015, the national environmental monitoring work site will be a message, in view of the outstanding problems in air quality monitoring, the Ministry of environmental protection decided to use two years to carry out a special inspection of the national air quality monitoring data. In October 21, 2016, the Xi’an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said a staff member, is from the central to the provincial and municipal requirements, under the strict cross examination of the case, Xi’an City Environmental Protection Bureau of Changan District environmental air automatic monitoring station (hereinafter referred to as the Changan District monitoring station) even data fraud. Cotton plug sampler monitoring data of multiple abnormal according to insiders, Changan District monitoring station is one of the city’s two straight national monitoring stations, the monitoring data of the national environmental monitoring center will be collected, if the data exists relatively large impact. The insider, the state environmental protection departments directly as the monitoring station, management is relatively strict, not allowed Xianzarenyuan enter. China environmental monitoring station commissioned by a company in Wuhan for maintenance, without permission, non operation and maintenance staff are not allowed to enter. In February 2016, Changan District station moved back to the southern Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications power roof, automatic monitoring station of Lee Air Environmental Protection Bureau of Changan District, Xi’an City, assisted by monitoring station relocation, debugging opportunity, unauthorized interception and monitoring station key secretly recorded the monitoring station monitoring computer password. Followed by a period of time, the staff repeatedly sneaked into the Changan District monitoring station, using the method of cotton plug sampler, automatic monitoring data acquisition system interference monitoring station of environmental air quality automatic monitoring station, causing the data repeatedly abnormal, affect the national ambient air quality automatic monitoring system for normal operation. His behavior monitoring station surveillance video deleted according to the insider, was exposed in the air air sampler, the probe is monitored by inhalation of natural air sampler with blockage of cotton yarn, like to wear a "Mask" sampler, filter the air, so it can not well real-time air quality monitoring, point clear, is the filtration of air pollution. As a national monitoring station straight pipe Changan District monitoring station, the use of such practice, the data changes, causing the attention of the national monitoring station, then sent to check. In order to prevent things brought to light, in March 2016, Changan District monitoring station had the surveillance video deleted behavior. October 21st, the China Daily reporter went to the Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications power building, monitoring equipment on the roof if not.相关的主题文章:

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