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By , April 9, 2018 11:15 am

To the well-being of Xi’an "eleven" additional fast train ticket to send a ticket into the campus mobile newspaper health news (Li Yinchang reporter Wu Chen) reporter from the Xi’an Railway Bureau, September 29th to from October 1st to 7th, Ankang Railway Station, Ankang to Xi’an will be added daily K8233 4 fast trains, Ankang Railway Station departure time is 13:08, 16:33 arrived at the XiAn Railway Station. At present, the source of the ticket to Xi’an is relatively abundant, and the passenger flow peak is expected to be in October 1st and 7th. The single day passenger flow will reach about 12 thousand people. "To ensure the smooth travel of the passengers’ eleven ‘holiday, Ankang Railway Station in the purchase of tickets, travel, guide and other links, take a variety of measures to serve the passengers." Ankang Railway Station responsible person said, according to the pre schools will be a holiday, a large number of foreign students will focus on travel, the actual purchase tickets inconvenience, Ankang Railway Station by construction of joint in previous years with major universities "students through campus line" platform, into Ankang Vocational Technical College, Ankang University and other colleges and universities on the eve of national day, carry out to send a ticket into the the campus activities, provide students with on-site sale tickets, round-trip train planning, 12306 registration and identity verification service, free round-trip ticket, the train station and check of the trouble. In order to facilitate the majority of passengers purchase tickets, Ankang Railway Station ticket window will be increased to 5, a new short haul ticket window, 24 hours a day ticket, arrange 8 tickets vending machines before check-in guide, smooth booking channel, reduce queuing time to purchase tickets. According to reports, in order to serve overseas visitors tour health landscape, Ankang Railway Station introduced special force aerial technology, tourism resources for shooting marketing promotional material for health, the territory of Yinghu Lake Wenbishan, Tai Chi City beauty are introduced, to attract foreign tourists to health tourism. "I stand" play Liu Xiwen love service hotline "brand effect, advance preparation work hot spots and tourist routes, tourist routes, custom sets for passenger train tickets, travel Raiders and other information, the establishment of the" travel through the deployment of veteran soldiers and able captains’ service team, let love travel and health Home Furnishing local passenger transport staff as a part-time tour guide well, service hotline, micro-blog, WeChat and other online solutions work, accept online consultation and help passengers booking, open up "Easy Access" as the focus of passengers, convenient travel overseas visitors." The person in charge of the Ankang Railway Station said that. Note: video is only for extended reading. "Eleven" holiday travel to look ahead, the railway train station to meet the peak train

安康至西安“十一”加开快速列车火车站移动售票车送票进校园本报安康讯(李银昌记者吴琛)记者9月29日从西安铁路局安康火车站了解到,10月1日至7日,安康至西安间每日将加开K8233 4次快速列车,安康站始发时间为13:08,16:33到达西安站。目前去往西安方向的票源相对充裕,预计客流高峰将在10月1日和7日,单日发送客流将达到1.2万人左右。 “为确保广大旅客‘十一’长假顺利出行,安康火车站在购票、出行、导游等环节,采取多种措施服务旅客。”安康火车站负责人介绍说,针对节前各大院校将陆续放假,大量外地学生将集中出行,购取票不便的实际,安康火车站利用往年与各大高校联合构建的“学子直通车校园专线”平台,在国庆前夕深入到安康职业技术学院、安康学院等高校,开展“送票进校园”活动,为学生提供现场售取票、往返列车规划、12306注册及身份核验等服务,免去往返火车站购票、核验的麻烦。为了方便广大旅客购取票,安康火车站还将售票窗口增加到5个,新增设短途售票窗口,24小时不间断售票,安排专人在8台自动售取票机前值机导购,畅通购票渠道,减少购取票排队时间。 另据介绍,为了服务外地旅客畅游安康山水,安康火车站组织专门力量引入航拍技术,针对安康旅游资源拍摄营销宣传片,对安康境内瀛湖、文笔山、太极城等美景进行介绍,吸引外地旅客来安康旅游。“我站发挥‘刘玺文爱心服务热线’品牌作用,提前做好热门景点和旅游线路备课工作,为旅客订制多套旅游线路、车次选择、购票攻略等出行资讯,抽调精兵强将成立起‘旅游通’服务队,让爱好旅游和家居安康当地的客运职工成为兼职导游,做好服务热线、微博、微信等在线解答工作,接受旅客在线咨询和帮扶预约,为重点旅客开辟‘绿色通道’,方便外地旅客出游。”安康火车站负责人介绍说。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 “十一”假期出行提前看·铁路 火车站迎客流高峰 加开列车相关的主题文章:

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