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By , April 18, 2018 11:52 pm

To prevent more radical profit less: survival of the fittest regulation number of fund channel – we have heard about "don’t put all your egg in one basket." the concept of financial management, and even many experienced people also know that combination investment base is an effective method to reduce the risk, but I do not know whether people thought that if they hold based on excessive dispersion and which will bring disadvantages? Please look at the following investment base combination: in the first part, the stock fund initiative: active hybrid hybrid fund non bank financial index ETF feeder fund one, national defense industry theme fund a, The Belt and Road, a theme of the fund industry to invest in coal, nonferrous metals industry and mainly to invest in small cap stocks the main and active defense industry enterprises to invest in a mixed fund; the second part: two bond debt based pure debt fund and the main investment heavily held CDB bonds convertible bonds of each one; the third part, the investment of oil and gas QDII Index Fund A. So, this year, the portfolio based on the profit and loss situation? As of now, the QDII 24.65% index fund investment profit of petroleum and natural gas, coal, nonferrous metals industry investment initiative hybrid fund profit 11.61%, the largest holding CDB bonds pure debt fund profit of 4.54%, the rest are floating losses, including floating loss is the highest active hybrid funds, to invest in small cap stocks. At 26.26%, Fukui is the least non bank financial index ETF feeder fund, 13.13%. Obviously, portfolio investment base does not mean to base the number of better, holding the base number will often fall into the dilemma caused by the care for this and lose that, negative impact on the overall performance of the base to vote. Explore the cause of these problems lies in the following aspects: one is to buy before doing a thorough and meticulous research, only according to some recommendations on the implementation of the purchase on impulse; two is to buy at the beginning is profitable, but because they do not know what to sell when the callback the quilt, but not to purchase new investment targets, so that the increasing number of holders of the fund. Thus, to prevent these drawbacks, we need to proceed from the following four aspects. First of all, according to the stage of the economic cycle to determine the allocation of large varieties of funds. The economy usually periodically showing a recession, recovery, overheating and stagflation form, the cyclical variation feature of the economy also decided to fund varieties the status of risk and return: when the economy is in recession, due to market expectations of monetary policy will enter the RRR rate cut cycle, the bond bull market is expected to become a high probability. So choose the configuration of bond funds; when the economy is in a recovery phase, because the market is expected to significantly improve the performance of listed companies, the stock market is likely to occur in bull market, so we should choose the allocation of equity funds; when the economy is overheating, because gold is showing upward trend, so the investment gold theme fund will get higher income; when the economic stagflation phase, although the investment of stock based debt based, are difficult to get a good income, but the choice of the monetary fund will enable people in Enjoy a higher income at the same time, also has the initiative to advance and retreat freely. Next.相关的主题文章:

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