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By , July 23, 2018 9:20 pm

UnCategorized Award, reward and recognition schemes are designed to recognize an employee’s loyalty and service to an organization. A changing job market has meant the retention of good employees can be a concern for many employers. Rewarding employees throughout their career is an excellent way of boosting morale and motivating staff thus reducing staff turnover. In this article leading specialist John Morley Presentations ( provides three compelling reasons for implementing this type of scheme within your company. Motivate employees Recognition schemes are great motivators of staff and help to maintain morale. They are an effective way for companies to recognize good service; with an emotional value which far exceeds any monetary cost. Clients tell us that their employees are thrilled to receive a gift in recognition of their service said David Epstein from John Morley Presentations. In the current harsh economic climate, these awards are a welcome confirmation that the company values the loyalty and contribution that their staffs make. Reduce Employee Turnover Whilst figures vary greatly it is accepted that the cost of replacing a member of staff is typically in excess of 8,000. A service award scheme which recognizes loyalty from as little as two years service can help to reduce employee turnover considerably. Little and often can sometimes have the most effect commented Mr. Epstein. Contemporary service award schemes are now much more exciting. Our schemes enable employees to choose from a huge array of product; ranging from the more traditional watches and jewellery to the latest state of the art ipods and games consoles. Recipients are also given the opportunity to personally top up their award to obtain their most desired gift. Cash, Vouchers or Gifts The purpose of an award is two fold: 1. To show the companies appreciation to an individual 2. To help further cement the relationship between the employee and the company. Whilst both cash and vouchers partially achieve this it has been proven that a gift is seen as a much more personal gesture and generates a greater feel good factor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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