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By , September 15, 2018 5:36 pm

Business Search engine optimization is a legitimate way to build up your website. And while there are many top of the line companies out there looking for business, there are also some dark forces at work on these search engines that are creating attention for themselves by attacking the Apple Ipad. The Apple iPad is the newly released Apple computer that is a tablet computer that allows you to work right from the screen and for some reason this newest Apple computer has become a target for hackers looking to put up phishing sites in place of those containing actual news. Apparently they are accomplishing this task by creating an anti-virus application that works to copy news sites and product information about this new product and drive them to the top of the search results. The anti-virus software starts as ads that pop up over and over again while customers are on the internet and then keeps prompting you to clean out your computer. When customers finally give in and download this program and pay for it with a credit card, they’ve got you and your information right where they want you. Currently there is only about a thirty percent detection rate on this anti-virus scam, which means that there are a lot of people using it that have not been detected thus far. And with these current cyber attacks, more people are researching terms like Apple, iPad and tablet, perhaps opening more people up to these attacks and it is likely that before this whole scam is squashed that more people will be injured by it and more criminals will jump on in hopes of getting a piece of the action. As with all scams, internet users are advised to be wary of the links that they follow and that they are reputable sites and don’t give away their personal information to just anyone on the web. The problem is that on the web you can very easily go from a reputable website to a rogue on with just a click, which leads consumers to believe that they know who they are dealing with, when really they do not. Be careful and watch each web address when you are switching sites through links. The internet has much to offer the wise consumer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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